Is it Tuesday evening or what?

Hello. Just had a tasty soup.

Come on let’s have a good evening thread. Feel like it’s so quiet here lately. X


Think this is the most nothing that has ever happened, we are at peak nothing happening. Very tiring


CBA to even get up and put my leftover chili in the microwave

Watching football, drinking tea. That’s it.

Had roast chicken with all the trimming and big boys. Looking at some apple crumble we made but not sure I can manage it.

Quite fancy bed tbh

Evening @tilts et al!

I’ve spent the afternoon crafting passive aggressive emails to people who manage me.

I made a spinach and ricotta pie for tea and am now putting The Child to sleep.

Had a zoom gym class, then a baked potato with chilli.
This is the highlight of my night. Going to watch for all mankind and then go to bed.

The excitement is off the charts.

I had an all-day breakfast with some toast for tea. Was so nice after wfh and walking during the slow descent of the sun

I’m doing some writing that I’m only semi-confident in (my excuse for thinking it’s shit is that I’m tired) and also posting about Final Fantasy characters I fancied as a youth in the Gaming thread, Obviously


I might watch a film but probably not.

That’s all I’ve got.

Evening everyone,

Busy but good day at work. Currently watching housewives and doing a bit of work admin.

Was so desperate for some exercise I went out for a walk in the pouring rain. Bleak.

Feeling quite weirded out after having a bizarre day.

I had to have a super-stressful conference call with a judge this morning that I was dreading. I’ve been embroiled in a really pointless and stupid lawsuit with an idiot for the last 18 months. He keeps dragging it out by doing paperwork wrong, not submitting things, making applications to change details etc. It was supposed to be thrown out in dec, but he applied to change his whole statement and now claims he thinks I “owe” him £600 of imaginary money rather than £2k. He turns out to have a history of doing this kind of thing- falling out with people due to his bad behaviour, then harassing them for imaginary “debts”.

Anyway, we had this call with the judge this morning to decide if he can continue with his changed claim. The judge yelled at him a bit, mocked his careless spelling and grammar on his statements, and then decided the guy who is suing me should pay me £150 for “wasting my time”.

The case will only continue if he pays me £150 within the next 7 days or it’s cancelled.

So I have to wait and see if the man who is taking me to court claiming I owe him money, sends me £150 or not, and if he sends me money, he is allowed to continue his attempt to get money from me.


another night of


awaits. hurrah

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Will happily swap days with you

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Urgh. It should just be finished and him have to pay you the time wasting money anyway. Sucks he can exploit thw legal system to harass you :frowning:

He’s the bad kind of american. Think Donald Trump inside, but played Lollapalooza in the early 90s.

Wow that is a lot to deal with. Let me guess, are you hoping he just doesn’t pay up?


Oh yeah he also doesn’t have any witness statements or evidence (and directly disobeyed the previous judge’s order to produce them), whereas I have a 50 page document with 25 witness statements, which I would have to go through and change various sections of to match the new statement and I can’t be arsed.

I’m so sorry, he/the whole situation sounds absolutely horrendous. Hope you’re as okay as you can be x


Had a relatively productive day of cleaning and recycling. Feel like a right walking contradiction at the moment- so bored and unstimulated but the thought of doing anything of any worth is like “nah.” Want to socialise with people, but if someone messages or calls me I’m like “NO GO AWAY!!”

Oh, I had my first slice of apple with jam on the other day and it was horrible. Far too sweet. So thanks for NOTHING, DiS :smiley: