Is it Tuesday evening or what?

Sounds like you are completely organised to fight whatever he throws your way.

But sorry you’re going through it.

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Evening all. Just watched King Rocker on Sky and felt compelled to come on here to tell everyone how good it was. Probably one for the music forum really but cba.

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quiet ey. let me share my current thoughts:

please undress me Leonard


If you haven’t seen The Apartment, I’d recommend it. If you have seen The Apartment, I’d hope you’d recommend it.

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Need to rewatch Lost in Translation and feel sad about being lonely

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hironobu sakaguchi

I haven’t! I’ll put it on the list, thank you!

Just bought a neck massager

Cleaning the flat, rearranging furniture for possibly just two weeks, then spending the rest of the night flat hunting and arranging details of loads more to take on a road trip where we have to do a nine hour round trip to look at one flat. So 14 more viewing requests are out there for Thurs.
Leaving VMs for hotel owners who aren’t answering, give me your best fancy sea view* at not summer season prices please. Bit surprised they seem to have normal prices in this environment, but I guess times are desperate for them,

Now I am going to have a large brandy before getting J up in four hours as I had to confiscate his phone so he can do five hours driving tomorrow without being a zombie.

I swear If my two front runners don’t work out this week, I’m gonna go full on Falling Down. I am so deeply sick of this shit.

Oh, but I did stroke a v floofy cow tonight!

*my front runner is arse end of nowhere countryside, backup is a seaside one

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Good luck with it.

If not I will try to get you the appropriate



Oh aye


got three of those, cheers

could do with a service tho

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you always have be the best of people, OTheo

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