Is It Tuesday? I Think So

Morning all. I’m in Edinburgh Airport Starbucks, what fun. Just landed in frigid Scotland after an epically horrendous return journey from the Canaries. Was supposed to be home a day ago but Tropical Depression Hermine borked that; I’ve been travelling for 12 hours now, but thanks to continued massive delays l’ve only actually been moving for 6 of those. No sleep yet whatsoever, and I’ve landed on the wrong side of the country, so I have a bus, 2 trains, a ferry, a petrol station trip and a drive home to come - another 6-7 hours before I can finally crawl into bed and cuddle the cat. FML. Work tomorrow? They’ll be lucky

Insert your days below…

Got a coffee break at 10.45 today that lasts until lunch at 12.30

This is my kind of scheduling


Morning. Off again today. Got my son. We’ll walk my daughter up to school and then walk into town for some fish for a fish pie. Got a jammy ear don’t I.

Morning all,

Baby decided not to sleep after 2am this morning, I’ve got a cold and a very important client call at 11 :crazy_face::+1:

Ooo nice, what flavour? I’m guessing gooseberry

Gonna get up and go to work and work.

Might schedule myself a 2hr long coffee break.

What’s a waxy bitter fruit? That.

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Sick with a cold/flu type thing. Might stay in bed.

Like Zombie after the fox debacle in the early hours. Looks like the water pipe that goes to the washing machine is fucked, so that’s just great, and a peeped window pane has come out, which is not so bad.

Who knows what I was meant to be doing today


My instructor at work has the day off, so I get a bonus day off as well.

Need to pop a birthday card over to Soilyhill, gonna have a bike ride over there and hopefully back before the rain moves in (again).

Might treat myself to a bath later on.

@Ella_Megablast Hope the rest of the journey home is smooth, at least, if not short.

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I think today is the day we discovered that the extension in our new house has shite for insulation :cold_face: Hopefully the sun will come through and it will start to warm up a little bit.

WFH all day. not much more to report.

Not much on the cards today other than work

Right, that’s me on a sick day. Might finally watch RRR.

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got the workmen in doing my bathroom floor so no toilet available :neutral_face:
at least the water is off so I dont need to offer them a drink




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Morning everyone.

Just did a very good stretch. Feeling a bit better today after feeling pretty stressed yesterday. That’s obviously because my hangover has gone now :laughing:

Soooo the bf and I have booked off some time in November, I’m thinking a swift city break nearby, might just Newcastle again? Love a Newcastle break :blush:

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Does this shirt go okay with this suit or do I need another?


It looks great!


Yeah looks good. Usually a plain white shirt looks acceptable under any suit.

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Thanks and @dingers . Wasn’t sure if a bit darker was needed but will keep that one, cheers!