Is it Tuesday night yet?

I think it is.

Any plans? (Ha!)

Drinking a lemsip with a blanket round my shoulders

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Good ebening rorch, I plan to read, watch an episode of his dark materials and play some mario

We’ve had our Christmas delivery, so the house is overflowing with booze and chocolate. What’s a man to do?


i just finished a lemsip. feel better soon :+1:

Watch Tremé s4 (which I was sad to learn is only 5 episodes :frowning: )

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Dinner is leftover lasagne.

Need to go to Aldi but going to leave it to the last possible moment.

Gonna do some cross stitch in between.

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Suffering from undercooked onion setting off IBS pain. Very annoying because evening eating and drinking is my main coping mechanism of an evening and now thay is probably off.

Might be watching Muppets Christmas Carol.

Feeling glum and lonely.

Making a gochujang bread, doesn’t smell great.

Eating banana chips. Got a pizza for tea think its the last thing in the flat.

Hey everyone

I have not been to the shop so I’ll be getting by on the few bottles of bud and half a bottle of red I’ve got. I’m gonna roll a fatty and watch the rest of the assembly cut of Alien 3

Dinner will either be scavenged from the bits I’ve got or a delivery


Guess I’m not going to big tezzas



Having a jizz filled Xmas hun wbu


Probably gonna watch the rest of this, have a shower and go to bed. I’m very sleepy. Getting up at 3.30 is early


made a chicken, sweety-poteety and cauliflower curry so i will be mainly eating that tonight


You toooo x

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You’ll wanna go well late. We were really until past 9pm yesterday evening

:neutral_face: urgh

Finished work for the ol’ Christmas :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Pizza and beer and Home Alone tonight, then an early night before my morning trip to Morrisons.


Dominos and tidying

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Beans on toast and Hot Fuzz.