Is it wednesday evening yet?

working late, bout to order myself some food. might run home later so can’t go too wild on the food front.

what are you up to this very evening? do you have plans to eat any food and if so what food will you be eating? AOB?

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Making some roasted veg and some haloumi with it Eric, thanks for asking.
First day with the kids back in today so going to watch some MasterChef and be in bed by ten I reckon.


I’ve just had quorn burgers, pretty nice!

Will be getting into the bath shortly and then maybe I will go in the other room for a bit

Gona do that otto lentils with tahini and boiled wggeggs s ruing.

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Ah fuck it


I’ve got breaded cod :tropical_fish: , new pots :potato: and :carrot: :grin:


i think his name is otto lenghi


That’ll be me watching masterchef later


these weird skittles are much nicer than the normal ones

not gonna make it home in time for masterchef :sob:

THATS the bit you go for??

what shall i order

  • burrito
  • pad thai
  • katsu
  • none these all sound disgusting or i don’t care what you eat for dinner you can starve for all i care!!!

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Got a tooth ache, backache and a £750 car bill. Apologies if i get fighty.

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Hey. Am on the way home - the guy next to me on the train (not @thewarn but I think I might have seen him this morning?) is eating this really disgusting smelling protein/peanut bar. Was thinking of starting a “does my breath smell that bad?” thread - basically because you’re never aware of how (good/bad) your eating smells to others when you’re eating it yourself.

Dinner: pie and mash and gravy. Might have a gin and tonic.

NOB (no other business)

Also, does @neilyoung still post?

Edit - saw the self ban request. Welcome back if you return, NY!

Feeling tired after two back to back night shifts but heading to see a Molly Sarlé gig in a short while.

I only had lunch at 3pm so Idk

Had an awful time earlier. Went in this shit pub where I asked for coke zero and he was like, yeah, we’ve got it, and started pouring diet coke but I didn’t want to be a pedant…however, I am. Then he poured an entire pint, AND it was clearly near the end of the bag of syrup so was just watery and awful and almost £4. The music was SO loud and it was like some shit you’d get on the waltzers or in a nightclub in Tenerife. I was raging wiaitng for my mates, also because they had no veggie or vegan options and the place next door to us was Dishoom and I can’t fathom why my mates love the shittest places.

Part II is a bit bleak and depressing and CW for mental health and poor health but I don’t know where else to put it and I need to write it down, so don’t read on if you’re here for lols.

My friend who had a heart attack came. He showed up before the others, he sat with me and told me he also had a lump on his chest, he was losing feeling in his left side from some nerve damage that were a side effect of spinal injections he had for another health issue and he was having trouble seeing as it had made his eyes really dry. Then he said he was so anxious, and he looked a fucking wreck and was about 3 stone lighter than he had been a few months ago. His sister died last year, and his dad has got dementia. When my mates showed up he just sat on the end of the table staring into space, then got up and sort of jumped about a bit, went in and out of the back door a few times, then said he was going and sort of disguised himself in case anyone at his office saw he’d been out and about despite the fact he’s signed off and no-one would give a shit if he was seeing friends, no issue there at all but he was so worried about it. I had this feeling when he left that I might not see him again but he’s already seeing a therapist and I don’t know what else I can do other than keep offering my support but he won’t take me up on it. So that’s been awful.

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Evening all. Pub quiz tonight, but with a depleted team, so we’ll do badly.

Had a call with the new boss and the rest of my team earlier. Think they might be a bit of a ball buster. They’re definitely not coming in softly. Shouldn’t affect me too much though, I hope.

Hello. I will be eating honey soy chicken, very well cooked pak choi, and rice. I will also be eating the entire packet of Co-op dark chocolate and ginger cookies. This is not a plan as such, more a realistic expectation of my behaviour based on past performance.

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Went katsu, sorry guys.