Is It Worth Sticking With

A thread for users to tell you if something you are struggling to get into is worth sticking with.

Infinite Jest

  • Yes
  • No

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Watched one episode of sex education

  • Stick with it
  • If you found it deeply annoying and unfunny you’re unlikely to start enjoying it

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How many pages are you into IJ? And how much are you enjoying it?

Should I keep asking follow up questions?

  • Stick with it
  • No - you already know too much

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Only the first 100 but the sheer bulk and unnecessary unwordiness is starting to make it a chore

That’s kinda the point of it though? It only gets worse so if you feel turned off by it already I’d sack it off

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Love it and S2 is better but all the aspects that you find annoying will still be there

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Think I got about halfway through before giving up. It doesn’t get any easier, in fact it just gets worse, adding new strands. I assume at the end it comes together in a satisfying way but I’ll probably never find out now.


Hmmm. Tempted to give it another crack because a lot of people think it is good and I nearly gave up on bojack early on.

But on the other hand the episodes are 50 minutes and the first was an utter chore

Big Mouth (watched one episode)

  • Big yes
  • Big no

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About twice as long as I managed

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True but I also heard it was entertaining and so far its not

I read that there isnt really a resolution

Ole gunnar Solskjaer

  • Look at his great work with young players like greenwood and Lingard. Remember 1999? The nou camp?
  • Pochettino is available

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A few bad characters are redeemed, the emotional side gets well developed and the soundtrack is cracking. But the type of things they talk about or how they present it don’t change drastically. Try to get another couple watched then decide imho

Blu Tack

  • Y
  • N

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Well, all the better I dropped it when I did

Always leaves a mess. Find an alternative

feel like this thread will just become “do you like this thing ?”

  • y
  • n

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Already has, I reckon