Is it wrong to wear a white poppy?


That’s right, the BBC have fired the starting pistol on this year’s poppy debate!



Not this again


My favourite time of the year.


Wore one when getting my mandatory flu injection and now I’ve got the flu.




I love our war dead


See you there

I’ll be wearing a white poppy


Tomorrow it’ll be: Should we stop celebrating Christmas?

  • Red
  • White
  • Purple
  • No poppy

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  • Paper
  • Pin
  • Big knitted thing
  • front of the car thing
  • football shirt

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Got a union flag coloured poppy the size of a house, m512


Same answer as the last couple years


(Hat tip to @bodyinthethames who’s timeline I nicked this from)


Captain Bluetick 'ere!


White poppies show the dirt more


No, it’s not wrong to wear a white poppy, and it’s disappointing, but not surprising, to see Tory MPs and the BBC trying to use it as another front in the ‘culture war’ debate.




Oh that’s not me - that’s the guy BITT retweeted.


Might dig out my great-grandfather’s WWI diary and have a read of it on Armistice Day. Get really fucked off that he lost his brother and was maimed for life fighting a pointless war on foreign soil for an occupying power.




yes and ho!


I think it’s always worth taking a couple of minutes a year to remember the absolute tragic waste of life brought about by the First World War. Those people experimced the worst humanity has to offer.

No idea how this relates to poppies though