Is it wrong to wear a white poppy?


super confused looking at this thread just now, then it all clicked


@marckee have you spotted the news related to why the BBC chose to share that specific article today yet?


Which bit?


trump has been out making a twat of himself in France, following multiple military knowledge errors covered by le monde, and has tweeted up “Is there anything better to celebrate than the end of a war, in particular that one, which was one of the bloodiest and worst of all time?”

So i’d put more than a little bet on the BBC quietly running a ‘debunked misconceptions’ article as a further dig at his inept nature. which would explain why it’s suddenly popped back up after being written 4 years ago


The bumping predates that, and I think you’re giving the BBC way too much credit if you think they’d do it for that reason.

A more likely scenario (albeit paraphrased):

Right wing press: “Anyone who doesn’t wear the poppy hates this country, and our troops, who we should all support. Remember our great victories.”
People capable of self-reflection: “Maybe rememberence day should be an opportunity to remember the sacrifice that millions of people, in particular the working classes, were forced to make in order to defend a system of capitalist empires, and to seek to prevent such horrors, and death from ever occurring again.”
BBC: “Actually, it wasn’t that bad, and the upper classes were good.”


yeah you really hate it when people call you wrong don’tcha :smiley:

(and consider it’s xylo saying that to you)

but fair enough re: the bumping. You’re still searingly OTT with yer take tho




i know you won’t believe me but i was walking to the offy earlier and there was a guy i saw in the hairdressers with a poppy shaved into the back of his head and dyed red. i would have taken a snap but he was much bigger than i am, and he had those swirly arm tats that mean someone is a real man.



Best will in the world, mate, I think your take on this is utter bollocks.


a guy i know joined the navy for some reason. like i have no idea why. i think it was for the bants and the steady pay. if we actually had naval wars anymore i don’t think he would have joined. anyway he posted a pic on instagram of a mounted machine gun on his boat. he’s currently patrolling a norwegian fjord. why? why is the uk navy sending patrols along a norwegian fjord? and also he put “never 4get” and a poppy after the machine gun pic.


My uncle was in the Navy for a bit when he was younger and spent most of his time cruising around the Caribbean. There’s a bloke at work who was too.

From everything I’ve ever heard about it, apart from intercepting the occasional drug smuggler, it’s just a big jolly. Like university for folk who like boats and guns.


thing is, he used to be a very close friend and we still get on really well. i was so shocked to hear about this, and pretty disappointed too. it does feel like he’s done this as a better paid alternative to the life he had before, which consisted of call centre and admin jobs. i mean he definitely knows there is zero chance he will catch a bullet or really risk anything, bar the outbreak of WW3, but reading his friends’ and family’s posts below his uploads, you’d think he was the last man standing on hamburger hill. “you’re so brave”, “so proud of you”, etc. right now the guy is literally posting on instagram all day for a living, i can’t even do that in my shitty office job. really bewildering scenes tbh.


What’s weird is that not only have I not seen anyone at all irl wear a poppy this year, I’ve not even seen where I could buy one if I actually wanted to.

Ah well, whatever.


People do like to remember their holidays tbf.


I don’t like to leave the house before 11am because I’m worried that if I don’t stand silently still for 2 minutes I’ll get lynched.


I’m trying to get to the dr martens shop but the ways been blocked by people not forgetting.


It’s 2 minutes past any everyone’s still remembering. Ffs.


I’ve come out the back to the stock room to avoid all the earnest remembering. And the shitshow when everyone realises the cafe radio is on a delay of about a minute behind the shop one.


I always make a tactical break to the toilets just before 11am if I’m at work.