Is it wrong to wear a white poppy?


Remembering Our Dead is the greatest Christmas present of all.


I am glad they all died, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to Remember Them.


did a proper bark laugh at this, Juke old boy


The poppy has unfortunately become hugely sectarianised in Northern Ireland. Loyalist gangs sell their own coloured version as well as calling door to door and keeping lists of those who dont buy from them (the money goes to paramilitary gangs in such instances) as well as the following kind of nuts stories happening:

In broader terms it’s fair to say it’s not unreasonable for Irish nationalists to not want to wear a symbol which celebrates the very army the were fighting against for Irish freedom.
Isn’t Northern Ireland fun?


Think every serious point to be made has already been made in this thread, so on to the REMEMBERANCE TOASTER


I remember when I was growing up there would often be interviews with First World War veterans on the television around Remembrance Sunday. The message they largely stated was that World War One should be remembered for the terrible loss of life and importantly, should never be allowed to happen again. I therefore find it really irritating that in the past decade or so, the poppy seems to have been adopted as a symbol by the ‘isn’t the army/war brilliant!’ mob and you see people going around with poppies on the cars all year round.


Also whatever happened to all the talk-shows full of outraged people around Halloween-time. You’d have Kilroy bringing on Christian fundamentalists moaning that it glamourised Satanism and Wiccans moaning that it trivialised their religion



Last year I went to a work thing where a man wearing a gold-plated poppy pin badge made fun of a man wearing a paper poppy for not having a fancy enough poppy.


On sale in M&S at the moment. Presumably shorts must be worn at the same time because obscuring them with trousers would be a BETRYAL


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1 sock = 1 respect


If they have Sensible Soccer socks as well then I’m sold :+1:


11th November 2018…

will be remembrance day and also remembrance sunday and also 100 years since the end of WW1, which anyone who turned up to history lessons at school knows led directly to WW2, which led directly to the formation of the EU to make sure we would trade with other countries instead of slaughtering each other

12th November 2018…

is likely to be the start of serious planning for no deal brexit



It says something about Wes Streeting’s desperate authentocrat mind that he’s been ticked off by the Royal British Legion for trying to snitch on businesses who don’t have collection tins on their tills.


That’s simply pathetic.

It’s almost as if that huge sacrifice wasn’t to preserve people’s ability to freely choose but to further the fucking stupid jingoistic and patriotic type of willy waving which ends up in armed conflict.


I’m sure all those working class men and boys sacrificed their lives so that rich people can bully everyone into handing over a quid to an old lady on the high street and wearing a plastic flower.


Disappointed it’s just spraypaint and doesn’t toast the image onto the bread like eg this


Agreed, -2 respects for the oversight.


might wear a poppy just out of respect for Jools and Jops