Is it wrong to wear a white poppy?



Never forget (man I got them killed so many times)


decided to start this debate on the southend football forum.

it went… predictably :worried:


RIP Jools. Basically never survived more than about 4 missions.


fucking nailed it here


I might wear a green carnation for the next couple of weeks just to confuse people.


I think it’s a shame that they’re used to support war cause I think they look nice


Press F to pay respects


Don’t think they’re used to support war, I mean the funds raised goes towards providing care for ex-military etc?


I thought you got suspended for being a pure knob?


Only 60% knob now, and shrinking by the day!


The Royal Legion doesn’t use them to support war. Many other people do.


Yeah it’s one of those where the literal purpose of the campaign is so divorced from the politics of the symbol that I’d chuck some money in the pot but refuse the poppy I reckon


You have a point there…


Wearing a red paper one is mandatory between 1st and 11th November if you’re in the military. There’s also specific instructions about when you have to remove the green paper leaf.

I think we may have been told to wear them at school too.

I shan’t be wearing one this year as obviously, so uncool


what are the specific instructions about when you have to remove the green paper leaf? also why?


  • If you’re in service dress you can wear a poppy (red petals only) under the left button of your hat.

  • Poppies are not to be worn with a bearskin cap.

  • You can wear a non-paper poppy but it can’t be bigger than 3cm and should include the green leaf. BUT! not when wearing service dress.


I did that last year and the lady with the tin looked really upset so I took one anyway but didnt wear it. If anything I’m the real hero.


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People dressed as poppies outside my hotel this morning


Yer man on the left looks more like a postbox.