Is it wrong to wear a white poppy?



“12 years is quite a long time no?”

No, it’s not. In terms of the history of human civilisation it’s a blink of an eye. Look, I don’t really understand that line of your argument. The white poppy was introduced 85 years ago and no one alive today can remember it being introduced. It’s not like it was introduced last year and everyone is up in arms about it.

That aside, look, you’re not being pressurised into wearing a red poppy, whether its original message has been co-opted or not. Or a white poppy, for that matter. Wear, or don’t wear, whatever you want. Who cares. This thread.


My mention of the introduction of the white poppy was one of the examples of (as I said) the ever evolving symbolism of the Remembrance poppy. I really don’t think that was hard to determine in my original post.

I’m not after a fight, and I have no issue with anyone’s views on any of the poppies other than those who would like to see it as a naked celebration of our armed services. Those people I do disagree with, and my soul-searching over whether my choices tacitly stand me beside them was the purpose of both my last two posts.


Though some public figures are


also some non famous people do get pressured into it, I know I have been. was threatened with a kicking for not wearing one at work when I was about 20.


Same. There was peer pressure to wear one at a previous office, and you probably would have been asked why if you weren’t


All a bit tricky. Especially if you own a lot of coats.


I got a couple of poppies for me and my wife the other day and she decided she wasn’t going to wear one this year. So I’ve now got one for each of my regular rotation autumn jackets which is very convenient.

And no my life doesn’t get much more exciting than this, thanks for asking.


My Victoria line train was wearing a big poppy this afternoon. I make that up to 1448 respects at any individual moment in time.



First time I have heard of this and fuck me that sounds really strange. Brings to mind the recorded tannoy messages in 1984.


Dunno if I’m a bit oblivious but it doesn’t seem like quite the same level of hot potato up here in Scotland. I don’t think people get quite so riled up about non-wearers.



Fair point but outside of the sectarian nutters and their media stooges…

Ach I dunno I might be way off base here.


No idea tbh.

I just remembered the banner and when i first saw it thought “fair play for actually going that far”


9-0 though, decent.


‘Just three points dropped’, Mark McGhee said after that game. Fucking prick


I was texting my mate score updates while he was travelling in Colombia. Cost me a fucking fortune. :frowning_face:


At Canary Wharf they’ve got a life sized WW1 Tommy in a box with poppies blowing all around him like the final challenge in The Crystal Maze. There’s also a pop up British Legion for all your poppy needs.


fantasy premier league doing their bit for our brave, brave boys