Is it wrong to wear a white poppy?


yeah idk, I have a full time job and volunteer and have a cat and go on lots of dates but I still manage hehe


And fair bloody play to that :slight_smile:


the whole mess with McClean sort of epitomises the deep lack of awareness of British history that is all-too-common. i can see, as an Irish person, how someone could feel like it’s a bit disrespectful to the memory of people who died, but the sheer arrogance involved in attacking someone for that choice and ignoring their own very justifiable perspective.


it seems crazy to me that there are people who question him for a second, but they just don’t seem to think


There’s loads of British people who think that the Irish should be grateful or deferential to them for some reason, one of the delusions of empire I suppose.

It’s evident in those Matic/McClean headlines posted further up the thread.


And the last 2 years of UK politics


Fucking Hell.





1 egg = 1 respect


Gonna show my respect with a poppyroni pizza


I read the replies too


Yeah, but if all of them hadn’t said it, I’d have been the first.


as churchill said, the problem with the irish, to us, is that they refused to be english. and also that old joke, about the english man beating the irish man because “we will never forgive you for what we did to you”.

it’s a lot of english upper class xenophobia and racism and self loathing all mixed into a toxic soup, and because we’re a very servile nation we fed the stuff into every class of english society.


This has become my second most liked tweet of all time and I have no idea why


Because it’s a reply to Danny Mac


He’s amazing. The greatest living Irishman and United fan.


FWIW, my most liked tweet ever was where I told Aaron Banks off a fair bit for seemingly using “autistic” as an insult.


I was watching limmy play computer games on popular streaming website last night, he has a massive super imposed poppy over his chest on the screen, made me laugh quite a bit.


Disappointed that Corinthian Casuals FC only have 4 of these bad boys next to the pitch. They have laminated A4 sheets saying ‘lest we forget’ on them as well. Why not A3? Not trying hard enough tbh.


Casual by name casual towards showing enough respect