Is it wrong to wear a white poppy?


Taught my class about white poppies and purple poppies when I was asked to do a #respect lesson. Was pleased when lots of them chose to write about white and purple poppies and decorated theirs white and purple. Hoping it riles up some gammons that may walk past and see them on display in the window


blistering stuff.


“of the 351 foreign players in the Premier League, only 10 come from countries never invaded by Britain”


yet :wink:


Would love to see a French player refuse to wear a poppy and claim it’s because Britain invaded France.


Never one to shy away on or off the pitch, McClean also had to be restrained and was ushered down the tunnel by stewards. Later that night he responded with an Instagram post quoting the Provisional Irish Republican Army hunger striker Bobby Sands, who died alongside Creggan man and Irish National Liberation Army member Michael Devine, and calling a section of Stoke’s fans “uneducated cavemen.”

this guy is an absolute hero :heart_eyes:

no way would i have the bottle to stand up to those oinking morons and their abuse


He’s certainly brave.


1 dead pigeon = 1 respect


Bit disrespectful to are brave carrier pigeons in WWI though imo.


yeah, he’s standing up for something he believes in at considerable cost to his safety and mental wellbeing. his family are getting threats too. don’t know if i’d have the stomach for the fight if my partner was receiving threats too.


“Bomber Harris Hawk” :smiley:


This fucking guy (Bastani, I mean. Not you :slight_smile: )


Absolutely. Think an overlooked aspect of the whole McClean saga is how much effort it is for him to stand up for what he believes in. Think in his position I’d have probably taken a stance for a year thought “Fuck this” and just swallowed my pride and worn one for the sake of an easy life.


To be honest the only thing that’s more depressing than the flak he’s getting from some people for not wearing one is the thought of the flak he’d get from others if he did.


Correction. Make that equally depressing.


Sorting out the important issues in the comments of course


haha my eyes rolled out of my skull when i saw that.


the only time i ever see it referred to as Londonderry is when someone is deliberately trying to provoke


Good ol’ Scarfolk:


Growing up very near Derry it’s so rare I hear anyone say Londonderry that it’s still very jarring to hear it outside of the news. I have heard nice people saying it very casually on rare occasions, including a manager at my work yesterday, though it always surprises me a bit. It’s of course something that nobody gave a shit about before The Troubles, hence ‘The Apprentice Boys of Derry’ etc, but became a petty point scoring exercise thereafter. Much like the poppy.

I think the official news approach is to lead with Londonderry and then use Derry thereafter but I wouldn’t think it applies to opinion pieces anyway.