Is Meilyr Jones the most exciting live act in the UK right now?


I’m going to say yes, but with the following provisos:

  • not been to many gigs this year, and the ones I have have often been older acts (suede, low, thousand yard stare)

  • ive not really been keeping up with new music over the last year or so as ive been busy with my CIMA course

  • im white as fuck, so ive seen no hip-hop acts or owt like that

  • moreorless stopped doing drugs when I got with my missus so not been to many clubs/dj nights

what do you think?


Looks like you’ve answered your own question


Really hope this is a joke thread Jordo.


He’s really good


Is he the delightful Welsh fellow? I saw him by accident at great escape and thought he was fantastic fun live, might be thinking of someone else though. His music is a bit corny at times but dude carries it with confidence.


That’s the fella!


I really like him and was a big Race Horses fan…but not sure exciting is quite the right word. Very good live though.


Well he excites me


He’s very entertaining live, and he’s a decent sort as well. Most exciting might be pushing it a bit, though.