Is my dongle broken

didn’t know people still used dongles.
I used to have one that I didn’t tell my parents about so i could go on tinychat at night after my dad switched the wifi off

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This is a step too far

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Wait, are you connected via ethernet? This seems to suggest you are

can someone soft reboot twentynine

can someone prevent him from working in soft reboot into a sexual sentence

can someone do the same for ‘working in’

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Are you saying someone needs to turn me off… then turn me back on again? :smirk:

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The fact that you also have a Dad that switched the WiFi off at night is something that has made me feel a kinship with you like never before


I’m still annoyed about it


When I discovered my parents did this, I tried to convince them not to.

Later they changed network providers and the engineer doing it said that they shouldn’t do this.

They stopped doing it, listening to him and not to me.

I will never forget this.


remember once in a fight with my parents I told them they had ‘middle class control issues’
obnoxious thing for a teenager to say but I stand by it

Yeah. My WiFi is disabled for some reason, needs an admin to re enable it. Can I find anyone from it willing to do so? Can I fuck

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Enjoy a day off! Crack open some birthday cans and GET ON IT

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Don’t think ur dongle is broken then

Nah its not, sorry I forgot to update you all. The dongle isn’t broken!


Glad to hear it Joke69, a birthday miracle


Yeah but my WiFi is

IT are remote controlling my pc now and they don’t know how to fix it

Fed up

Ah, that’s shit, sorry Joke69.

I’m sorry too