Is my pear ripe ?

I want to eat it but I’m not sure. What do you think ?


Give it a squeeze.

I have. Not conclusive.

Then yes.

Whisper to it, ask it politely

Pear pear, are you there?
Ripe enough to enter my lair (mouth)?



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I don’t think it is. Still too darker shade of green as well…

Put is aside.

Have a Crunchie.

On a diet Mistersteve. No choccy for me. I’m fucking starving as well.

Just eat the middle bit. Mostly air innit?

had a banana instead.

absolutely not ripe. too green.

Yep. I’ve played it safe. Had a Narna instead.

Pear update - Now ripe. Took a whole week. Was very juicy and worth the wait.


i love pears but it’s very frustrating that they’re such a long game investment. i end up forgetting about them and then they go bad. such a short window of ripeness. ripen at home? how about you ripen them before you sell them to me, bozos?

think it does depend on the variety a bit conference (my pear above) are an absolute bugger for taking ages to ripen. A Williams or Rocha will ripen a lot sooner I find. #pearchat