Is new music lost on the Internet?

New releases used to be a thing. Now, hmm, I’m not sure. Big releases get noticed but little comparison to new physical releases of days gone encompassing all.

i’m lost on the internet


The days of there being all format displays for new albums (with posters and the like) seems to be gone. I remember when Mixed Up by The Cure came out with the swirly cover art, and there were vinyl, CD and cassette formats, posters and the like. I’m sure this was the case for lots of releases. That said,

To the same end, TV is barely a ‘communal’ experience these days, even on BBC (now that there’s catch up).

I’m pretty sure that new releases are still a thing?

yeah, there’s like a weekly thread about it and everything, where @Epimer shares his love of Omar Rodriguez Lopez and @Twinkletoes ensures that I’ve got a load of ambient stuff to pretend to pay attention to while I work.



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What’s ‘new’ music?

I think it’s the same as it always was. Find your favourite info source - radio, magazine, label and listen to stuff they play, cover, release - follow people on Twitter etc. and watch out for release dates and links to buy the records. Guess you have to be a bit more organized that once upon a time, but it’s pretty flexibile.

I actually think it’s better for streamers like myself - I can listen to my favourite radio shows like Vic Galloway or Marc Riley and immediately add a song they’ve played to my playlist. It’s like home taping but without having to sit at my stereo with my finger above the pause button.


Don’t think anything new has been released for 20 or so years

I look at the New Releases tab in Google Play music every week to keep abreast of which Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is out this week.


In honesty, I basically just skim everything that is new on Bleep in an effort to appear to be ‘on the pulse’

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There’s just too damn much of it. Spotify has enhanced my listening in so many ways, but also robbed me of so much. A mass of choice isn’t always a good thing.

I find a combination of Bleep, IglooMag, and Headphone Commute, plus the ambient thread here keeps me on track.

There is so much going on that I think, yes - New releases are lost on the interent.
Unless the act has the cash to buy adverts on webpages, reviews, hype.

what is bleep about?

It’s a vendor of predominantly electronic music, which grew out of being the Warp Records online store. It has a frustrating tendency to describe every record as essential in an attempt to sell it, but I tend to just check out everything on its front page each week and there’s almost always something worthwhile.

It’s just the effect the internet’s had on culture really. Music is more dispersed then it’s ever been so there are less releases that have a collective hype to them as shared culture is more fragmented.

I think a new Kendrick release is probably the closest we get in terms of wide ranging appeal across a large number of different cliques.

That said I remember there being loads of hype around Daft Punks last one? So maybe that as well.

Saw an interesting discussion about this recently where Joey Badass was complaining about fans asking when to expect new music two weeks after an album that took two years to make got released

Tbf that would have probably happened to 2Pac two weeks after releasing All Eyez on Me if fans could have posted on his social media wall. Not sure it’s really symptomatic of shorter attention spans as such, just of absolute wallies being able to contact the artists directly.

just keep reading magazines if you don’t like the internet

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