Is peanut butter sweet or savoury? [A poll thread]

And no, I’m not having “oooh, generic supermarket peanut butter is pretty sweet but yr Whole Earths and Meridians aren’t” nonsense, it’s either one or the other.

  • It’s sweet
  • It’s savoury

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it’s horrid


There’s a Ben & Jerry’s flavour with it in, ergo it’s sweet.

Sometimes have one slice of peanut butter and one jam so the peanut butter is the main and jam is the sweet

Sweet af m9

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You also get salt flavour popcorn doesn’t make salt sweet does it?

It’s sweet and salty

I don’t see how that’s relevant to the Ben & Jerry’s standard.

Pistachio ice cream though and pistachios are savoury

They’re both ingredients in an ultimately sweet dish. Doesn’t make them sweet imo

I was trying to explain to plastimike last night (he hates peanuts and has never had peanut butter) that I am not really sure which it is. I think it’s sweet, but its not really that sweet if you know what I mean, and some of the best peanut butters don’t have any sugar in them. My favourite stuff, Jackpot, just had roasted salted nuts and oil, but I’d still consider it to be sweet. Likewise a handful of peanuts on their own are savoury.


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It’s not sweet.
It’s a bit creamy I guess?

Look, which side are you on here

Sweet, obvs, but I’m just not ready to commit to the B&J’s rule.

It’s a good standard

You can get savoury OR sweet pistachio ice cream





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How? Ice cream is never savoury. I don’t understand.

It’s fucking buff
if they’re asking me if i’m having sweet pistachio gelato or savoury pistachio gelato, i’m having saves.