Is shabs a real word?

If Michael Fish there says it is, are you going to disagree?

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well he was wrong about that hurricane

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Shabs and Bantsfoot

two nights ago, whilst hiding from the IDF i totally snuck into Sylvester Stalone’s old house which it turns out is now owned by Shabba Ranks. he was very hospitable

You never hear shabs on here anymore.

Farewell shabs.

wonder if c_i_c is out defending any statues


For sure. Maybe doing something in a tree above one (something I can’t quite remember).

I think shabs was wrightylew though.

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ah yes you are correct. i miss wrightylew.

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Oh, wrightylew, and his tale of squirty squirty time.

I also miss ChrisJabe, fucktherave, and yes_. Top blokes.

They were probably assholes


Writeylew really liked the byrds that’s all I remember

I don’t think yes_ was… Dunno about the others.

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ChrisJabe was a lovely fella! FTR is Gonad’s big bro afaik

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It’s true!

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Say hello from me! :wave:

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