Is Spotify slowly killing itself?

I tend to go straight for the search rather than having Spotify discover stuff for me. Though I’ve often found bands I really like in the ‘related artksts’ bit so in that sense it’s a success.


It’s the notifications that I can’t understand - sometimes the icon is there but most of the time it isn’t. Using that and following bands you like, you should be able to just wait until good stuff you know you like and add to your own playlists - not relying on those decided through algorithms that are secretly intent on making more money for Spotify. I reckon they’ve realised the notifications actually stop people using these rubbish “curated” playlists so they hide them. is a decent alternative, but it often doesn’t work. It neglected to mention Teenage Fanclub and Pictish Trail had albums out last Friday despite listing them as upcoming releases for months…

I thought the weekly Discover thing was a good idea, but it’s not very intelligent and tends to serve up stuff I know I don’t like or bands I would have heard of had they been any good. It also can’t differentiate between good and bad songs by a band. The first playlist I ever received correctly identified that I quite like Blur but decided I’d want to hear Country House…when obviously nobody would. Had it stuck There’s No Other Way on then it would have been closer. But computers, eh?

The best thing to do is what we’ve always done. Listen to the radio for new music and then get it on Spotify. If you create your own playlists then you can just keep what you like on there until you get bored of it. BBC Radio 6 etc. have a great website with full playlists for all DJs - a great way to cherry pick through new music - and there are even links to Spotify on there too.

I’m really not sure Spotify have ever offered me anything other than access to a lot of tunes. The social stuff has always been really awful, and although discovery seems to have improved (even if it’s from nothing to ‘no, I already know that band but thanks’) I think all my actual discoveries have come elsewhere, from friends etc.


I don’t use any of the playlists so I don’t really care. Though my gf keeps playing the throwback thursday one at me in the car so I’d like that to be less shit maybe.

But what I’d really like is for the ‘new releases’ to cover a lot more stuff. It’s a bizarre selection atm. And maybe it could even be divied up by release dates rather than the massive never eneding dogpile it is at the minute.

They could very easily make new releases a more useful place to visit - but I’m guessing major labels pay them more to keep their releases in the public eye, so they probably keep that page as exclusive as possible. is a decent tool for letting you know when artists you’re interested in have new releases (but it does sometimes randomly forget to tell you about things too).

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the thing i dont like is the new releases just seem to be the most paid for ones, not all the new tuff, so it only has like 20 new albums, not everything released that friday, which is bit shit.

i only discovered the release radar one this week, and it’s pretty good. got new loscil, feeder, weezer, american football, tokyo police club and ian william craig on it, was a nice diversion. the discover weekly one is vastly hit and miss.

what is better is the " because you like" tabs on the discover page, much better. loads of good stuff crops up in there.

as someone who has been using spotify since 2008 i can’t imagine moving away from it. i use google play music for the stuff ive bought and my bandcamp stuff (and bootlegs) and spotify for the releases that i am chcking out. also, it is great to create dance party playlists for the kid to jive to.

actually, another good thing is built in. that is a winner for me.

anyway, no it isn’t killing it’s self.

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I’ve found that playing song or artist ‘radio’ is usually pretty good and throws up some stuff I haven’t heard before.

I think there needs to be a bit more playlist curation from artists artists / labels / music websites / radio stations.

Also found a pretty good app called Lazify that can create quite good playlists based on albums / artists you select. does a look a lot more useful, ta for that.

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Hmmm. SwarmFM showed me the new Teenage Fanclub on Friday. Might check and possibly update your settings?

Yeah, really all I want is to get a notification of some sort whenever an artist i’ve clicked “Follow” on has new material up. I don’t understand why sites and services keep removing this functionality in exchange for algorithmic recommendations. It’s really frustrating.

I’ve always ignored their playlists and whatever they are pushing that week. Here’s what I do:

• Get the weekly mail-outs from Norman, Boomkat, Resident & Monorail.
• Save anything that looks interesting as a playlist by itself.
• If I find myself listening to something a lot, it goes on the “buy” list and I’ll get the lp or cd.

I tend to listen to whole albums mostly.

It’s weird - it showed me I’m in Love, but not Thin Air or the album. Maybe I’ll just remove them and add them again.

That said, they probably won’t do anything else until about 2025 now…

I’m a paid subscriber and I don’t really know what you’re on about. The only playlists I ever listen to are my mates’ end of year top tens.

I mostly use Spotify to check out new stuff I’ve read about then I buy it on either mp3 or vinyl. The latter primarily because my local record shop is really nice and friendly and I want it to stay in business.


I wish the new relases section had a full list by various filters of new releases.

Don’t know if it’s killing itself, but it is annoying me to the extent that I’m about to look elsewhere. I have been a heavy Spotify user since day 1 of USA introduction. I have watched Spotify (and seemingly every music business) fumble over themselves as they attempt playlist/music recommendations, and I’m just used to it. The article posted is spot on, but it’s certainly nothing new.

The big caveat for me is noticing how songs or entire albums are suddenly missing from my playlists. I have spent so much time and love building them. For them to randomly be retracted from as Spotify loses publishing rights or whatever they have done to not carry the music anymore makes my time invested go down the drain. It also affects my playlist listeners/subscribers. Now I’m reminded why it’s best to own your music.

I had a chill lounge playlist I’ve curated for years containing fantastic albums from artists like Andreya Triana, The Album Leaf, and so many more that now say “This song is not available…” I’m getting close to pulling the trigger on cutting it. So, getting closer to killing itself to me, yes. To the wider streaming world (impossible not to be jaded here) not likely. You will never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator.

It does seem quite sporadic and random when it works. I wonder if they’re just trying to constantly notify too many people? Admittedly even some fairly massive acts don’t have loads of people following them though.

Yes, it’s a shame it’s not more widely used as there’d be more pressure for it to work properly. I guess most people are happy to listen to Adele and Ed Sheeran albums ad ininfinitum.

I’d love it if it sent me a full list of new releases every day by e-mail with quick links. Apart from the huge amount of data processing etc. there’s no real reason why that isn’t possible. But my conspiratorial mind keeps thinking it’s being held back on purpose so there’s less distraction from the major-filled playlists.

Is youtube slowly killing itself?

For music videos I mean. I seem to be hitting more unskippable ads than I used to. Plus they often feature music that is not at all like the music I’m trying to listen to, which is jarring.


Well this is a terrible idea:

Just started using PlayMusic after using Spotify for about 2 and a half years, and I reckon it’s better at gauging what I’d like than Spotify ever was.

I like the UI on Spotify, the Aesthetic just appeals to me more than PlayMusic but that’s not a massive selling point. For me anyway.

Time will tell, but it’s getting better by the week.