Is Spotify slowly killing itself?



two crucial differences - it’s got more stuff (and more obscure stuff) and it’s aIways 100% free. (i realise spotify can be free too). but yeah the ads are worse than they have ever been - more that are 30 secs that u can;t skip and the choices (which used to be sinisterIy catered to my tastes) are torturous! :slight_smile:


I really like the Apple Music interface and playlists / suggestions… But I couldn’t get it working offline without my iTunes threatening to go mental so I’ve abandoned it and now only subscribe to Spotify. But not to any Spotify recommendations or playlists. The band-themed radio stations are OK if a little repetitive and unimaginative.


My Discover Weekly playlists are almost always really great, and I’ve listened to bands I’d never bothered to before and they don’t seem to pick their hits like I would if I was being lazy trying to browse new bands, but actual decent tracks that you might not check out yourself.

I also don’t feel like anything is ever shoved in my face as I don’t pay a single bit of attention to anything on the homepage anyway. Given how little I pay for premium to find all this new music or just have a billion playlists stored in one place I don’t think I’ll ever really be annoyed with Spotify as it’s probably still one of the best and most valuable things available to me in recent times.




I don’t use the spotify new releases page at all or the Discover Weekly, I just use the spotifynewmusic website: which has a decent selection of the new releases as it uses a lot of websites online reviews to gather the albums, lists the reviews also and their own new releases playlist has all the albums in one place -


yeah pretty much this


No a lot of youtubes most popular content is not music. Some animations have over a billion views. Its most subscribed channels are lets plays which lets face it youtube can take a bigger chunk of cash from without having to deal with A&R men. Youtube have a diverse audience and are not completely reliant on music. Even the most successful youtube tracks (Psi) are watched in part because of the videos.


I’ve never found the Spotify UX to be any cop. I prefer Deezer for themed/radio/discovery type stuff.


Those Deezer adds tho…


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I wish I’d started using/paying attention to Discover Weekly earlier - started in near the beginning of the year, and try to listen through it each week (skipping the ones I don’t like). This year it’s helped me to discover Terror Pigeon!, Aidan Knight, Birthmark, and Pegase., who I’ve really been loving, and a bunch of other small bands I might not have otherwise found.



Should have had a paid content warning on that post Sean.




Honestly you’d have to be a weirdo to let a company like spotify give you recommendations. Thats why I read pitchfork


me - a bot? The post was maybe a bit praise-y, but mainly only because I’m a bit lazier/less time in discovering music other ways at the moment, and it is a nice compromise. But just didn’t agree with Sean’s post for my experiences. It’s useful to find/listen to stuff, and then buy the cd or download from eMusic.
ah well, nevermind!


this is exactly what a bot would say


I agree with all the posts in this thread, Spotify really is the best.


it’s great but why the hell did they get rid of the bell notifications on desktop


I quite like the release radar and new releases sections but I wish it was more detailed and broad as there’s still a lot of stuff I miss out on, also its a bit annoying how many major label artists seem to get on there with remixes or re-recordings of old songs.


Even if they are shoving major artists at my face I still love Spotify. They do have a huuuuuuge selection. Still no Trout Mask sadly.