Is Spotify slowly killing itself?



Have you tried this site?


That’s pretty useful, thanks.


Actually, I have never thought that Spotify is killing itself, and I think that it goes worse than Apple Music provided though it has a large music library. Apple Music allows me to do more than Spotify. When I listen to Apple Music, it allows me using Apple Music Equalizers, when I am busy working but still want to listen to Apple Music, mini player are available. So compared with both of them, I prefer Apple Music.

Seemingly Innocuous Posts Where Someone Is Trying To Become A Regular User So They Can Jag (rolling)

I use Spotify quite regularly - not constantly - but I don’t think I have ever used their “Discover” playlist or whatever it’s called. I decide myself what I want to listen to, and then do so if it’s on Spotify. If it’s not, I MAY listen to something else by the same artist, if I’m trying to get an idea what that artist is like.


Yeah man pitchfork keeps it real lol


I don’t quite get this, are you saying we should use TIDAL?


But isn’t it true that Apple Music Equalizers can cause your computer to do a virus? No thank you!


I came across this article:

A really good read about Spotify, playlists, and the impact of sponsored/auto-generated playlists.


I never really use any of the playlists.

sometimes if I just want background noise on I’ll use them, or i used to use the radio function too.

i just use playlist as a list of albums I want to listen to. if something I read sounds interesting, I’ll note the album.

I tried deezer for a while, but I struggled to find a lot of things i wanted to listen to.

Spotify is just a glorified ipod to me.


Steve Jobs, is that you?


Ooh, there’s an echo in here.


I’ve always considered myself beyond playlist algorithms (outside of dance music where I’m quite easy to analyse and predict) so recommended playlists have never concerned me. Release Radar I use and that’s ok - other than that I have my own discover type playlist based on album reviews on various sites. And I follow a few trusted site playlists (DiS, the end of year playlists) etc.

What did annoy me recently was hitting the limit on my album library - Spotify is great as a massive free listening post, but it’s my record collection and I’m annoyed that it’s decided how big that should be (within reason).


Tbh I don’t think the automatically generated, or even a lot of the curated playlists are actually aimed at us. I assume people on this board tend to want to listen to particular albums/artists, but I know other people who are less bothered about music are quite happy to throw on a mood orientated playlist like “summer vibes” or “chill” or whatever.

Out of the generated stuff, the daily mixes seem pretty good. Some of them miss the mark for sure, but when they get it right, it’s nice. Release Radar, I wish was a bit better. It sometimes misses stuff I am excited about, but tbh I am not sure if that’s Spotify’s fault because sometimes it will just be stuff I’ve read about that has caught my attention, and I have probably failed to do anything in the app to signify this. Gave up on Discover Weekly ages ago, but consume enough new music as it is, so not really an issue for me.


I don’t think there’s a limit to saving albums as playlists, but it’s a much bigger chore to organise them.


I find the image used here fascinating

Is it actually an artist or is it just Spotify going a bit weird?


That’s really weird - what is it?

I found out yesterday that Spotify have a Twitter handle called @SpotifyCares when I complained to them about trying to force me to listen to Mr Brightside. You could @ them and ask what it’s supposed to be.


Well I don’t care that much, ha! :smiley:

How were they trying to force you to listen to Mr Brightside?


The app popped up with some bollocks about them having scientifically worked out what the luckiest song for the England team is. Even though I’m Scottish, there’s no way I’m not going to click that to find out!

Then that bastarding shite song started playing.


That happened to me also - intrigue led to complete lack of surprise. I wonder how much the killers paid for that


That account replied to me recently when I complained that ‘Date w/ IKEA’ was missing from Pavement’s Brighten The Corners. I told 'em to fuck off.