Is Spotify slowly killing itself?



that wasn’t very nice


so they’ve very quietly reduced the highest quality of streaming in the settings, regardless of whether you’re premium or freemium. this and I can’t seem to find an equaliser any more?
They’re getting increasingly shabby.


Spotify is shit. Apple music is better.


Don’t know about that, but I’ve been on Apple music for about 8 months now after I ran out of Library space (seriously WTF is that about?) and my downloads kept getting randomly deleted off different phones. Pros and cons, but no regrets.


you ran out of library space on Spotify?


Yeah, 10,000 songs and that’s it. Want to add a new album or maybe put something aside that seems interesting on the Friday new releases thread? You’ll have to remove something first.

“Epic collection, friend”


I get this semi-regularly. Absolutely infuriating, and any threads on the Spotify forums complaining about it always seem to put the blame on the user (despite no other app of mine doing this with locally cached files).


I had this as well but I came to the conclusion that it was happening because I had too many devices connected to my account (eg at one point I was listening to Spotify on a tablet, phone and spare phone alternately). Is it possible that’s the case here?


Very possible, I’ve got fuckloads, might do a clear down and start again to see if it helps, thanks for the tip.


and this is why I can’t do streaming type sites

having to do IT admin just to listen to some music


happens to me all the time. annoying, but does make me un-save shit albums


surely the alternatives have their own downsides. wouldn’t ever want to go back to trying to keep an iTunes library organised/tagged etc


I do use iTunes for music on my phone, and it is indeed a ballache. But pretty much all my listening is on cd and vinyl.

I tried Spotify and found keeping a decent offline library of music on my phone and on the memory card impossible. The app just wouldn’t play ball.


I found a work around to my phone randomly deleting offline albums. I just put all the ones I want into a playlist called offline albums cos for some reason my android app doesn’t discriminate against playlists.


Never had a problem with it deleting things, and I used to have the absolute shittest phone in the world.

Likewise, the library thing is annoying, but there’s no limit to the number of albums you can save as playlists (which is a bit better anyway, as you can delete bonus tracks / discs)

HOWEVER I do want to complain about how it has, for no reason, started creating new playlists with the name formatted as “Title - Artist”, rather than the other way round, AS IT HAS ALWAYS DONE bujdahgrgfdh


Pitchfork published the following article where, amongst a clutch of points, makes a point about the word ‘recommend’.

Is Spotify matching you with music based on your tastes, listening habits or mood, or is it brazenly offering you what it wants you to hear – ie what is best for Spotify?


Wow, I didn’t even notice they’d done that with Drake as I ignore all their playlists. But I definitely noticed that shitty U2 album back when I was using iTunes.


When I used Tidal for the 3 month free trial the recommendations made no effort to adjust to what you listened to - it was all promotion of the big acts. I was kind of surprised how articles/reviews at the time never mentioned this, along with the overall interface always being about big pop/rnb/hiphop acts no matter what you listen to.

I don’t take a lot of notice of the spotify recommends stuff but it always seemed fairly reasonable so it’s a shame if they are starting to go this route - they are largely owned by the record companies I think so it wouldn’t be surprising really if they were facing pressure to promote the big acts.


I agree

My naivety means I see it as a streaming platform, which allows me to access what I want after paying a monthly fee. The platform is indifferent about the music I listen to. Once it develops a viewpoint on my listening history, it may then offer music I might like based on an aggregated view of other users’ listening habits.

It’s the same dissonance for social media too. Platforms such as twitter don’t show you what you might be interested in – despite what they say – but rather what they want you to see according to their business model

Don’t know why I am surprised or why it took me so long to realise


I have never once listened to one of the recommended playlists or albums. I am now intrigued by what it is most profitable for Spotify to try to force-feed me