Is Spotify slowly killing itself?



Yeah I mean why would it be more profitable for Spotify to play say Drake than an artist you are actually interested in? Do the big artists have specific deals that insentivise Spotify to push them or do they result in more ad revenue?


Modern commerce is pretty mind blowing to me - it seems like huge numbers of businesses make their money in ways that seem to only have a tangential relationship to what the business purportedly does.


Hadn’t really thought of it in terms of the ad-free thing.


I hadn’t either, hadn’t noticed it at the time but am, of course, now retrospectively furious and wanting my money back :smiley:


You can apparently apply for a refund over the whole Drake thing (sorry for S*n link)

Fantano has made a video about this and the relationship between streaming services and their listeners

Pitchfork also has a video about ‘how to be a responsible music fan in the age of Spotify’. (I didn’t watch this one yet)