Is Strictly Come Dancing racist?


Don’t have the figures to hand, but going to say “yes”.

Have a poll, but please discuss as well.

  • YES
  • NO

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Strictly Come Dancing viewers probably are, given the demographic.


not on tellybook. please elaborate a bit please


Never watched it so I’m going to say yes.


racist = bad
strictly come dancing = bad
racist = bad = strictly come dancing
strictly come dancing = racist


I didn’t really think at all before I voted. Hope that’s ok.


Seems to be a high incidence of people of colour being voted off before white contestants who are worse dancers (I don’t have the stats though).


is it the general public doing the voting?

actually, I really don’t care either way. sorry


Ended up watching it when visiting my parents last night, it did cross my mind that it seemed pretty racist


I wouldn’t have thought so


Never seen it, but probably. Can someone set out the case for the prosecution please


Louis Smith, Mark Ramprakash and Alesha Dixon are the only three of the 13 winners of Strictly who aren’t white - all three are of mixed race. I think the British (Voting) Public are probably racist in degrees.


This seemed to be the trend on The Apprentice. But I haven’t watched that for few series now. Maybe Siralan getting a Lordship unracisted him.


77% of the winners on Strictly are white
82% of the UK population are white


Louis Smith isn’t much better it seems:


There’s a more nuanced point that I’ve not quite been able to articulate, regarding skin tone and levels of tolerance amongst the GBVP.