Is that beer advent calendar available this year again? Any other Christmassy booze things?



Not that I am aware of.

Good deal that, wasn’t it.

Well… that link worked well, didn’t it. Stupid website.

Here’s a beer one



There is this one though:

There was a whisky or gin or something or other one I sae last year that was £300 odd.

I think twice about whether its worth £2 for a Dairy Milk calendar

If that was £50ish I would buy the fucking shit out of it.


Anyone pulled the trigger on one of these yet?

Thinking about going for the £50 can one on Groupon. £2.08 a tinny though… not amazing value.

Actually, just saw it’s sold out.

Anyone found a decent one yet?

My local beer shop have their own but it’s £75.

Annoyingly no

Honestbrwery are doing one, but it’s like 65 quid

Honest brew*

I just messaged my other localish beer shop in Croydon that supplies and runs the Croydon craft beer festival to see if their planning one.

Nearly bought this

But £125 is a bit steep

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: