Is that thread worth reading?

a thread to ask if another thread is worth reading before you read it

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Cheese on toast (400 replies)

  • worth reading
  • not worth reading

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Most threads are worth reading

Some bold and brilliant ideas in that thread

we both know that’s not true

  • Yes.
  • No.

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Getting your eyebrows done in Newcastle

  • Wor threading
  • Go away Aggpass

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Well, cycling threads aside obviously

too late, both in the sense that you have already read it but also because someone beat you to that joke

  • Yes
  • No

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or wait…?

is that post really meta, and you made a joke someone else had already made to show that you had not in fact read this thread?

stickboy was

  • totally going for the double layer
  • slow

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  • Stickboy has seen someone say goodbye to a shoe before
  • He’s referring to the incident he’s just seen

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Apparently huge is my word of the day

It started to grate on me a bit


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