Is the chocolate on the top or bottom of a chocolate biscuit?

e.g. chocolate digestives, hobnobs etc

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Just seen that McVities are claiming it’s on the bottom, morons. Why are they “upside down” in the pictures on the packaging in that case?

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blates just doing it to get attention

(haven’t heard anything about this, expect it will make the 6pm news though)


Oh shit, you make a good point here…

When you have a non-chocolate biscuit, the top would be the side with writing on… Why does the addition of chocolate reverse the polarity?


so if you were bringing out a plate of biscuits to share with people, you would put them chocolate side down?

I’ll answer for you: no you wouldn’t

Oh Ant I was going to drop this bombshell after everyone voted top!

SHIT, very very sorry pal.

It’s ok. I will improvise.

On a similar (not really) vein: when a goal is scored in football, the commentator often uses the phrase ‘the back of the net’. Surely the back of the net is behind the goal, so the ball actually hits the front of the net.
Just sayin.



the chocolate essential reverses the polarity


likewise, is going ‘behind someone’s back’ just being in front of them

Take it to the Thursday Filth Thread pal


that’s pretty hi-res

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As a patent twat, it is my professional opinion that the terms “top” and “bottom” in this context are interchangeable, because there is no external reference point to which either face can be said to be orientated relative to.

As a human being, of course it’s on the top, YSCs.

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you would never put it in your mouth chocolate down

Theresa May has condemned McVities for this statement, saying that not only is she the daughter of a vicar, she eats biscuits, and McVities will have caused great offence to biscuit eaters across the UK with these insensitive remarks.


Biscuit means Biscuit.


McVities branding is on the non-chocolate side, so it does follow by some logic that that is the top. Wouldn’t have your branding on the bottom.

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I’ve got some JUICY trousers that beg to differ.