Is the fish burger at maccies decent?




never had it but it’s been there for years so I’m gonna say…no


fast food restaurant

Pick two.


Nobody’s ever ordered one. I assume it only exists because when it is eventually ordered it will trigger loads of sleeper agents currently working in McDonald’s to rise up and stage a coup.





My colleague insists she has it all the time, I maintain she is a liar and that ordering it invokes a panic among staff who’ve never actually had to prepare one before.


probz not m9


Get up on that roof terrace lads :sunglasses:


Probably just got a signature burger


tried one for the first time a couple of weeks ago, was pretty good as a side burger


Turns out we’re off to KFC instead


Winner winner chicken dinner


If it’s just like a fish finger sandwich then it’s probably fine


my #muslimm7s always order the fish burger at mcdonalds because no halal.


it is just like a fish finger sandwhich

don’t think I’ve ever ordered one for myself - but I’ve had a bite, it was fine.

My ex is one of those people who will eat fish but not meat so used to order them


Never had one, never had the chicken one either.

Would like to try both, but know it’s going to be nothing but disappointment.


I remember the old advert where the geezer orders one for his wife, so maybe ask some wives as they are perhaps the target audience?


the chicken mcsandwich is great.


It’s no quarter pounder or double cheeseburger though, is it? That’s my dilemma.