Is the free Spotify any good?

I guess it depends on your tastes. Spotify is severly lacking in lesser know black/death metal bands in my experience.

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I guess if they don’t have certain labels that specialise in a genre of music you like then that can be pretty much a deal breaker - see that totally.

I’ve used it for a couple of years now it and it does a job, being able to upload (I think) 10,000 of your own songs to stream anywhere is nice as well but the interface is a looking a bit tired now. They don’t seem to be developing it much anymore as I think there’s rumours it’ll switch to Youtube Music soon which I find pretty terrible to use so will see what happens.

The recommendations and playlists are surprisingly shit too considering how much Google must know about me and my listening habits, but just for doing the basics it’s not so bad.

was just reading about pandora and that seemed pretty good so was about to sign up for that

not available in the UK is it. sake.

what’s the best spotify alternative then?

Tidal is the most like spotify in terms of interface (good spotify) interface) and find the app very reliable.
And yes the libraries are basically identical

Obviously they’re evil but if you can live with that Amazon music unlimited might be worth a look - i think you can get the first 4 months for 99p a month and they also do some really cheap plans with certain restrictions.

I think @plasticniki has used both Spotify and Google in her time.

Personally used the Google Music desktop device to upload most of my music into the cloud so I use the Play Music app to grab stuff I own. But my wife bought a Spotify sub and then it became clear that unless we actually wanted to buy all these transiently loved Disney albums and pop singles we have zero interest in that our daughter wants, we’d need to up it to a family Spotify sub.

All I will say is the Google interface makes way more sense to me but I am used to WinAmp on my machine. Spotify’s system is still opaque to me: I can try to play next but maybe this means a whole album starting in the middle of the current one and other times not. With Google you get the normal options that tell you whether you’re starting a new queue of music, interrupting the current album or playing this after the current one. At least, I was rarely as surprised by what was playing next.

OTOH I think Spotify has a slightly clearer playlisting option on desktop maybe?

Even though I managed to revert to pre-update I’m increasingly convinced that the maximum sound quality has gotten worse in the last few months. This might be the straw that breaks my camel’s back, going to sample Tidal and see.

Noticed at the weekend that this latest update has removed the ability to edit the contents of a folder on mobile - which gave you one-touch options to download / undownload playlists, and gave you an easy way to delete playlists too.

So now if you want to download multiple playlists you have to do each one individually, with the slider on the playlist. And then removing them individually gives you a warning prompt that they won’t be available offline. A duh.

So annoying!


what’s weird is that about 80% of the ads on free Spotify are just ads for Spotify Premium

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How’s that weird?

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I guess they dont make that much off of advertising and their main goals is to get people to subscribe, so as long as it is interrupting your listening experience then it is doing its job, may as well use the space to advertise their main thing. they could just as easily force people to listen to nickelback every four songs, unless they like nickelback

just surprises me how little external advertising they have a lot of the time. sometimes you just get 3 ads for Spotify Premium in a row which seems redundant, unless the goal is to annoy you into submission i guess. would have thought it would make more sense to have a Premium ad and then a couple of the ads they’ve been paid to host but it’s not always the case.

They have the visual ads as well which take over the app. That was the main issue I had, just seemed to slow the app down to a crawl.

yeah actually i’m starting to get a few trailers for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood popping up now. annoying that they used to let you minimise visual ads but now you have to stop what you’re doing til it’s over. oh well.

oh actually yeah the visual ads that come up not on an ad break but just now and then - i find when i’ve had Spotify open for ages but not used it for a while, when i try to go back to it it’s impossible to get one of these ads minimised for ages, it just freezes completely. i don’t know if that’s a quirk of free Spotify or of the desktop programme in general as it often freezes like that whether or not there’s an ad

I’ve been on Tidal for a while but kept free spotify for the odd playlist or album not on Tidal but I’ve given up tbh because it was so painful to use. Might be because I have an old mac though.

Read an interesting (in a dorky sort of way) article about Spotify’s business model not long ago - basically about how it’s all about selling user data to advertisers (not for on spotify itself but externally targeted ads) and how the way it is built is unique for that. If i can remember where I read it I’ll post it.

It would explain why spotify intergration on other platforms seems to be far more universal than the competition if thats the tentpole of their business stratergy.

As soon as my billing period is up this month I’m swapping to Apple Music. Annoying because I’m on a family plan with the TV but she’ll just have to put it down to individual.

The basic app performance has gotten much worse. The library takes ages to appear and my music pauses all the time too.

The UI is just terrible and I haven’t found a natural way to use it after a couple of months. The differentiation between artists/albums, the need to ‘follow’ artists, the inconsistency between downloaded/liked. Singles off an album being labelled individually rather than as part of the album. So many niggly bits that make it close to unusable.


This. The app is a fucking disaster. I really, really want to get my iPod back up and running so I can stop using this piece of shit app day to day.