Is the free Spotify any good?

Is Spotify Slowly Killing Itself?


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It’s finally turning a profit as of this year so that seems unlikely.

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I dumped spotify for tidal. Its like the old spotify but with higher fidelity (but no remote play, which is a shame as using my phone as a remote is great feature)

the only reason I’d struggle to give up spotties is all the recommendations it’s given me due to song radio etc. Are any other services as good?

Sorry for saying “spotties”

Is Tidal any good on Android?

Hnnnng £20 for lossless audio

Lossles is absoloutely luxury and not for 98% of users the quality is 320kbps otherwise

I’m not even sure if I could differentiate 320 from true lossless anyway. Will file away in my head for another day

Lossless is for home set ups with big ol premium headphones with dedicated dacs n amps. If ur using it like most people yeah its an utterly worthless investment


Is it just me, or have Spotify completely broken a load of really basic stuff in the latest update? Like the ability to play an album without shuffle play. This is the paid-for version, not free btw…