Is the Internet slower than usual for you recently?

  • Yes it is now you mention it
  • No it’s just you
  • Not on broadband book

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Lots of dirty b**tards wankin’ at this time of year, on account of the weather.


Is that slower than usual?

No as per my poll answer

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Maybe we are getting faster

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A little slower than usual, now you mention it

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all those stonk purchases

Brexit broadband


It’s supposed to be 50mbps FFS :joy: been like this for weeks

Location and ISP please.

Liverpool and Virgin media

Turn it off and on again

My internets weird. Got it’s 100mb wireless and 250mb wired

I have. The router is shit. Can’t even change the channel.

It was until I changed my VPN server from East London to basically anywhere else, then it got better

The Internet is flatlining!

RIP World Wide Web

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It’s still shit but I’m waiting for the internet company that’s blatantly two guys with a van and a load of fibre cable to make their service available on my street, and then I’ll swap to them.

the speed seems fine but the content seems particularly slow today