Is the new layout too confusing for proper beef?


I think so. (placeholder characters)


I think people will eventually get used to it and the beeves will flow (you can consider this minor disagreement the first beeve of the new era if you want)


Fuck off


Definitely not. Quoting adds to a beef :rage:


Hah no, you cunt

  • shut
  • up
  • dick

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well what a surprise, everyone loves dick :yum:



if there was ever a thread I wanted to read it would be quite confusing.

fortunately that day will never come.


if you beef it they will come


Is that really you, xylo?


Yeah, you can see it’s even grabbed my Gravatar when i signed up, which i forgot even existed ffs


I wondered about that but I know the likes of Foley would be able to source such an image for MAJOR LOLS so… :wink:


Hahaha no the race is on for everyone to get their names quickly :smiley:

also i wet myself every night and i’m into animals sexually




how do we tell who we’re really beeving with?


Look at the sole of your shoe


We’ll wait for the cunts to arrive and find out


i keep accidentally seeing music board topics