Is the Quietus something to do with Vice?

Went to update my consent options on there now and this came up:

If they’re owned by Vice I’ll swerve them in future, Vice of course being bad people.

I don’t think they are, though John Doran’s done some stuff for Noisey / Vice.

vice is bad but john doran is good


didn’t realise this but this tweet from the co-founder suggests that it is funded in part by Vice.

the quietus seem like good people, so I’m not sure how to treat this news… I’m not sure I feel comfortable abandoning because of their vice funding.

@sean will know, he set them up didn’t he

Can anybody tell me what’s bad about Vice? I don’t read it but I did do a paid piece for their gaming section years ago…

co-founded by a literal neo-nazi: Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes’s path to the far-right frontier - The Globe and Mail

nearly accepted a job to rehabilitate the image of the NYPD: Vice Media Was Built on a Bluff

history of blatant sexism:

BUT - it’s important to note - those involved with the quietus aren’t remotely aligned with this kind of thinking (to my knowledge)

At least two of the organisations linked there also have their own issues of sexual impropriety (not that I’m defending Vice… rather the whole media, and most everywhere else, is fucking rotten).

Yes. Mick Hucknall owns Vice, Drowned in Sound and the Queitus.

Blumenthal did an interesting podcast exploring all these weird links vice has to neocon and Obama white house regime change hawks. Was illuminating.

I think it’s worth saying that I’ve read a lot of very good journalism in Vice clearly written by people who leftist activists or simply have zero time for bullshit. Former DiSer Mike Diver worked for their gaming section for a long time until being made redundant in what sounded like a shitstorm of bad. But while he was there he was pushing hard against GamerGate fuckwits, for example.

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I think they’re part of their advertising network. I’m not involved in the site any longer but still speak to the chaps.

50% owned by BSKYB, which Rupe only owns 40% of! Yr welcome.