Is the UK scene still in Camden?...

Moving to the UK and need some help finding the alt/indie/electronica scene in London. I’ve been told that the scene is centered around Camden, but others are saying no… Anybody know which borough I should be looking in?

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Hhmm wouldn’t say so? Everything is kinda spread all over now. I think there probably is still more happening North of the river - hardly anything in South London, but I don’t think Camden is the beacon of creativity it was once heralded as.

Obviously nothing happening at all at the moment, but East London - Hackney/Dalston have been much better/busier in recent years


Hi. Welcome to the boards.

Pre-pandemic Camden still had a lot of music venues. I’m an indie-rock person and Camden has/had The Koko, Underworld, Green Note, The Barfly, Dublin Castle but I wouldn’t say the centre of the indie music scene.

Indie rock venues have dispersed somewhat. I was a very prolific gig-goer and I’d find myself around Hackney venues in East London more than any around Camden.

Other people may their own views and opinions obviously but I think Camden is still cashing in on its 1980s music scene.


Find it hard to believe these two still exist in 2020. Are Bugbear still busy at it ripping bands off?

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I didn’t know who’d do the bookings at those places but I think I’ve been to The Barfly twice in about five years and to The Dublin Castle once in the last decade (for my mate’s band).

Some venues I’d be a huge regular at in the 90s and early 00s. Then the venue would change hands or change the company that did the bookings (I think) and then I’d find myself very rarely going there anymore. The Water Rats is another example.

Not right now no

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Thanks @anon3515918 & @BMS1! Will certainly do my research on Hackney/Dalston.

Although, I wonder why there has been a creative migration east from Camden. Gentrification?

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Just to give you a little context, Camden Town would be described as North London and Hackney as East London.

An overground train connect them both. Dalston Kingsland (in Hackney) and Hackney Central are four and five stops from Camden and has loads of great music venues.

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Yep. Huge amount of gentrification around Hackney over the last five or ten years. You’ll find a lot of quirky cafes and restaurants around there together with the music venues together with the inevitable hipsters.

Dalston and Hackney Central is sort of similar to Greenpoint and Williamsburg (to me).


That’s a big help. Certainly will make it cheaper to live than Camden haha

Clifton, Nottingham.


Peckham has/had a burgeoning scene, especially club nights.


Home of the Bosnian Diamond

Love Peckham Audio. Brilliant venue.

Camden used to be cool, but while it still has the gigs, as an area overall it’s way too expensive for musicians to live there, and during the day it’s filled with tourists

I’d agree that Dalston and Peckham are two places you’d want to consider being near.

Peckham is what I’d go for cos South East London > East London


also @chris.pond where are you moving from?

I’m guessing Dalston and Hackney Central are pricey places to live.

Homerton is walking distance from Hackney Central (and one train stop away) and might be cheaper albeit only by a few quid.

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Think it’s centred in the New Cross Sainsbury’s atm


Best mate lives in Clapton South and she lives in a 2nd floor, one bedroom flat and she pays £1200 pcm, and that’s considered cheap.

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Moving from Los Angeles! Starting a new music venture in the UK because your alt/indie/electronica scene is quite exciting

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