Is there a banal?

A superior at work just gave me their email address specifying which letters were upper and lower case and then doubled down with ‘i hate it when they make your email address case sensitive’

  • Tell them
  • Dont bother
  • Tell them what?

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Got a cup of earl grey. No snacks.


Carpet fitter still hasn’t arrived.

Any minute now.


Reckon you can squeeze another day wfh out of it?

Just try and stop me.

Please tell them cause I want to every time and I never have the guts to do it :frowning:

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email them with the address written in spongebob casing obviously

you should send them an email making sure their address had arbitrary caps in

he just doesn’t care, pet

Been told in a combative measure against weather I can wfh wed & thurs, thank you yes

Would you believe I nearly made a “you can go home from work now if” thread about Geordie accents earlier? Because I did.

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what yous drinking

too hot for coffee etc

waters too boring

I keep thinking it’s Thursday. THURSDAY. Not even Tuesday. What hope is there for me this week if that’s where my head’s at already.

I have a boring dilemma about getting a refund on a purchase. Can I use this thread? I don’t feel it merits its own thread but happy to take it elsewhere ….

earl grey, aircon

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why, aye

living the dream

Had a coke zero, bleugh, wish the office would buy something else.

Got half a mug of cold brew left.

My boss looks like michael peterson

think it’s too muggy for fizzy juice

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How badly soiled is it?