Is there a best site for booking trains into Europe



Alright people. Is there like a SkyScanner equivalent for trains? All the websites I’ve looked at are pretty rubbish. Any other ways to save bunce? Seems expensive. Looking to go from the north of England into that Europe.

#2 only one I know.


ça dépend

where you going?


Yeah Rome2Rio is the business.

Once you’re actually in Europe then Flixbus is really good in my experience, cheap as hell, free wifi, comfy seats.


in my experience it often turns up two hours late though

very good value when it runs properly

their wifi is also quite often very bad


Not sure if this is still updated:


was thinking maybe belgium somewhere? wouldn’t mind stopping off at a place or two along the way maybe if anywhere was decent. might seem counterproductive getting a train but like the idea over flying.

will look at the suggestions here thanks.


You just get the Eurostar to Belgium. You can get a ticket that allows you to travel onwards within Belgium too. I get the train to Belgium all the time and it’s way way better than flying.

The train goes through Lille too which I havent been to but am told is a nice city.

Trains between Paris and Brussels/Amsterdam are quite expensive but high speed and comfy.

There is also BlaBlaCar if you dont mind the slight awkwardness of sitting in a car of strangers.


Cheers, DB. You’re the best.

The site you linked only has tix til mid August - presume that you can’t book them any more in advance? Return to Belgium is c.£200 from Manchester I thought I might be able to get 'em a bit cheaper.

Lille sounds nice yeah. Been to Paris and Amsterdam loads so would like to try somewhere different.


Yeah if yr Belgiuming, I’d Eurostar and use your “any station in Belgium” ticket, then just buy whatever you need for onwards travel from the station, then use the Eurostar return ticket vto return to Brussels and home.

Think Bruges to gent return cost like €11 each or something


Surely you could get a cheaper advance ticket from MCR to LDN and then get a reasonably priced Eurostar return.


that’s the eurosnap site so it’s just another way of getting the tickets if you’re willing to be a bit flexible. They dont aways make the eurosnap tickets available very far in advance and sometimes it’s not any cheaper than going through the main Eurostar site

If you’re not travelling directly from London St.P I would actually suggest getting advanced tickets from Manchester from national rail . I’ve done the maths on it before and it worked out a bit cheaper.

also fyi everyone dont bother with trainline etc. dont understand why people use those sites.


just checked and an advanced single Manchester to London comes in at £23 for a random date I picked for next month. There are timetabling issues that mean you cant book advanced tickets until about 6 weeks in advance at the moment which is pretty annoying.

there are quite a lot of Eurostar singles for about £50 left even for June and July

I would expect getting from Manchester to Brussels would be about £150 (without any discounts or railcards)


yeah just had a bit more of a look and you and rich are right, didn’t think of splitting them.

cheers again. may be asking for belgium tips soon!


Oh I must have been really lucky with them then, never had a problem.


Great thread, I don’t know the answer but have been wondering this myself.


I keep wanting to do something like this but never get round to it. Might try doing something similar in October or so