is there a Friday banal thread for banal threading on a Friday?

Spend a lot of time thinking about the woman shouting at a cat, and I think it might now be my favourite meme, in particular because I have no idea what the context is for it in any way.


Two unrelated images

One of my favs too


Up there with “Look at all those chickens”, Doge, and “Michael Jackson dancing to the theme of Animal Hospital”, imho, and this too.

Why is the weather being like this?? I don’t have an umbrella or anything. It was blue skies and sunshine this morning!!

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Can I be arsed going to the pub after work? Find out shortly.

It’s fucking nuts here too. Walked to work at 8 30 in just a t-shirt, there was a colossal rainstorm at 11 and again at 3 for about 5 minutes, now it’s in between the two and I don’t know whether to chance walking home or get a lift. Fucking Brexit weather.

There is a rainbow right now (among the gloom of the cloudburst) and I cannot say that Brexit weather includes rainbows.


Just noticed it is a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!

I’m looking out of a window right now. If I look left it’s a blue sky with Ed Milliband, if I look right it’s greyer than Ian Duncan Smith’s face.

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Rainbow time!!!


Another vote for Davidoff Fucked by the Weather
But in Cardiff it’s basically my own fault for not anticipating this. Got a four pack and some crisps, ready to watch a fuckload of wrestling and get an early night :+1:


Lovely grey skies in Manchester.

dude… do you have the link to the MJ/AH video?

I can never remember where I put it when I need to refer to it

it’s okay, I found it in an old @TKC thread on Old DiS specifically asking for it



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This is really going to confuse some people about what day of the week it is

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happy weekend!


Some of us have been on furlough for 2 months and have no idea what day it is anyway

Exactly :slightly_smiling_face: