Is there a gardening thread already?

I want to ask a gardening question and thought there was a thread but I can’t find it?

Think there was one once. What do you want to know?

would anybody here like my garden? I hate it

For now

What do you call that material that goes over soil to stop weeds and stuff coming through? You then put gravel or wood chips on top of that. I need to replace some

Think it’s just called weed membrane isn’t it?

Although the mulch itself should do a decent job of that in most cases.





There are a lot of weeds!

Ta, just needed the right thing to google

I got some weed membrane a couple of years ago for a small section that we were going to put stones and pots on. The weeds have burst through it. Fucking hardass mother fuckers, weeds.

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Currently have an ongoing war with bindweed and bamboo

Rip @the_ravens garden


At least it’s not knotweed

Japanese knotweed lurking out of sight ready to pounce

Le knotweedoi

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Bindweed is knot a weed?

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It doesn’t stop you getting a mortgage

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Although ironically a mortgage does bind you for quite a long while.

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I actually love bindweed, lovely gramophone flowers

Need to repot my black peppermint plant because it’s outgrown its pot and now is looking kind of miserable :expressionless:

Otherwise I’ve got a bit of everything on the go tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, chilies and corn.


Such pretty flowers, but watching it pull down and suffocate other stuff is just :sob:

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