Is there a gardening thread already?

Hello gardening folk, I have one question about two plants.

I have a mature buddleia and a mature lavender plant in my garden. How and when should I prune them? The lavender has been in beautiful flower but is quite rangy, has a good solid old growth at its heart. The buddleia is fucking massive, I don’t think I’ll be able to reach the top. Thanks!

Finally put some plants in the planters I made about 2 years ago. Mainly to stop the cats shitting in them. Can now sit out and enjoy the patio area in…autumn and winter oh ffs
Did it all on the cheap as I am tight
Just need to plant something in the very, very shallow planters attached to the fence. Herbs or sumfink idk


You should climb something up that wall.

I know. That was the original plan. Was going to put some trellis up and get some clematis or roses. But keep kidding myself that I’m going to paint the house and that it would be more hassle to take off.
Once this lot die off, and I paint the wall/pay ridiculous money for someone else to do it, I will try and trail some stuff up there.

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Finally decided to start creating a nice patio area. Still work in progress but it’s getting there.

From this

To this


Still not completely finished and a few snags that need to be sorted. But currently…


Finally finished I think.

Going to get a nice patio heater or firepit.


First bit of gardening in 2021 today

Just put a load of tensioned wiring up to support the wisteria.

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Last year i bought and planted a peony tree and it then seemed to die (I assumed sun scorch in the hot August sun) but yesterday I noticed three new shoots coming through the soil! Very excited by this.

I also have tulips growing, which is lovely (it’s my first year in this house so still figuring things out).

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don’t have a garden but there’s a patch of mud outside my house and the soil was all compact and gritty and full of rubbish so i’m trying to bring it back to something. local gardening group have been giving me things to plant in it and said they’ll give me a tree! i’ve put loads of grass and wildflower seeds in there which will hopefully do something soon.

is there anything also i could plant that’ll pop out the ground in a few days? i crave results


Spent all day in the garden today, felt like summer at times. We’ve only just got a garden in the last month, my plan is to plant a load of stuff and see what happens.

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In progress