Is there a gardening thread already?

Spent the weekend putting this absolute fucking twat of a pergola up. Not technically gardening I suppose.


Next doors cats are digging up my raised beds, anyone got any humane tips for stopping this happening?

Put a net across it. Or use Get off! Or get a water pistol. :wink:

Where’d you get it from?? Looks excellent, super job.

I think we had it from Aosom. It seems ok but it was a pain to put up. Also they delivered it without instructions or bolts the first time but they did sort that in the end.

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Had our garden recently redone.



And now (don’t worry, there will be flowers :sunflower:)


Silent Roar.

Lion poo-based fertilizer pellets. It’s kept the cats and foxes away from our garden really well.

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When mine dug up a load of just-planted beetroot seedlings I stuck a load of sticks poking out of the soil and she didn’t do it again. Next door did the same with the flowerbeds in their front garden that she was probably shitting in but I can’t vouch for the effectiveness in that case.

Like this but with twigs/bits of bamboo instead of ugly plastic forks

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Looks quite arty, in a way.

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My Garden just now…

Is the idea that the cats think there’s an actual lion somewhere about and get the hell out of your garden? I’m not convinced, but I also really want to buy some.

I’d buy it if I saw it on vinyl

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Yes, that’s how it works.

I’ve stuck a load of bamboo canes in, seems to be working so far, my rudbeckia seedling has a full on fort protecting it


As a Cat lover and owner…
I found a squirt water pistol can work without harming the cat…scares it that is all…
I have just the one chicken now and she is a wrecker and the squirt water pistol makes her run for it also…

Husband made a Hedgehog House today as I read up that can encourage more into the garden.
It has to have a large brick in front of the entrance hole just enough for them to get in but not other animals…

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if my wildflowers don’t bloom in the next few days i’m going to wait longer :rage::rage::rage::rage:


I bought a kit for growing tomato and basil plants and it doesn’t say anything about repotting, but it’s very crowded in there. Does anyone know if I need to / should repot these?

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The basil will be ok, I’d take out one or two of the tomato and put into their own pots. Or into a growing bag!

Radish and extra growing!