Is there a gardening thread already?

Yep definite seed pods on it

There’s a good app that identifies plants for you. You take a photo and it works out what it is.

Presumably there’s an iOS version too.


We are at war with weeds at the moment i.d amp is useful,just basic stuff…try and take them out before they flower,flowers means more seeds germinating=more weeds…

not just plants and weeds…we have Hoopoes around for a few weeks only and had 4 the other day…


Reckon the hydrangea in the front border is my favourite plant

Think it was pink when we bought it but changes colour depending on the soil acidity. Planted another one out the back today, see how that goes.


I love hydrangeas, how the colours can vary plue/pink on the same plant

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Wow - it looks almost galactic! Very cool.

Really want to get my yard sorted out and at least prepped so it can be planted up at the appropriate time, but struggling with my fear of insects a bit. It’s not a phobia any more at least, but even with gloves I find myself feeling the sensation of insects climbing on me when I start seeing them :slightly_frowning_face:

Did almost consider digging out the old dead trough the other night when it was dark so I wouldn’t be able to see them but figured that would end badly. Should probably work on some desensitisation on something but :grimacing:

Love my big fuzzy bees though, have loads of them thanks to the honeysuckle.

You can change the colours also by giving it a certain feed.
some better explained info than I can tell you…

love this song that I am listen to right now…

old but still good to me…

I asked for a cold frame and Husband went into action. He loves woodworking, so knew he would make one…That is the key…something your partner likes doing…your wish is my command…no chance on doing the chores then… :innocent:…no way hosay…


I worry about this for when I have a garden that I’m responsible for. I want a wildlife friendly garden with lots of bee friendly flowers and that, but then how do you garden when the bees and other stuff are all over the place?

my chilli plants got too much sun and they’re wilting

The bees generally keep themselves to themselves, although my wife recently trod on one and got stung. The poor bee died of course :frowning:

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I made my wife a potting bench when we moved in here. Plus sides: made to her spec, fits exactly in the shed, made to quite rigorous quality standards. Minus side: probably cost twice as much as buying one from B&Q.

But it’s lasted over a decade so I can’t complain.

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Exactly and your happy,wife happy…true how the average store wooden items, is made to a price, but from experience it cannot match home build…

Have started getting mildly obsessed with gardening. Been watching loads of videos about the “no dig” method for creating new beds. Ordered a couple of wooden compost bins, so looking forward to their arrival.

Also been watching a lot of stuff about creating a natural swimming pool / pond, although I lack even the most basic practical skills so would likely be a disaster.

I mean, it’s a bit late now but chilli plants will perk right back up again from basically being shrivelled husks if you water them; they grow in desert climates. Also, a bit of stress makes the fruit hotter.

(I’ve been growing chillis every year for the last decade and there’s always a couple of times when I don’t pay enough attention and they go wilty and I panic, and they basically always come back; the biggest problem this year has been the lack of heat during what should have been the point they should have been establishing as bigger plants in May/June)

yeah! i watered them after posting that and they came back within a couple of hours

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Going to start composting!


You change the Colours of the Blooms by feeding them differently…look it up and your see that…strange but true…not sure this moment why you get multi coloured ones though…scratch head again… :innocent: