Is there a limit to your lunch?

alright, james blake etc

  • bring in my own (38p)
  • tesco meal deal (£3ish)
  • posh lunch (£5)
  • meowington lunch (£10+)
  • shut up, man.

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heard some office chat about their lunch limits. think i’ll start imposing a fiver limit, more than that seems silly.

ALSO, what will you be having?

A depressing cheese sandwich :frowning:

got some sort of chicken panino thing at the local greasy spoon. alright.

Spending over a fiver a day on lunch is ridiculous

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london, mate. can’t get a bloody bag of crisps for less than £3

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Absolute bare bones until payday. Got a sweet potato wrap with some cheddar in it :man_shrugging:

You need a £7.50ish threshold otherwise:

Shut up, man

had chicken and black bean sauce with rice from the cafe at work: £3.95


that’s meow territory i reckon

always see the flying dutchman as the lunch time high roller.

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oh yeah, good shout. needs a ‘hoogy (£45)’ option


usually bring my own in… occasionally (maybe once a month or so) eat out at a street food vendor or restaurant.

this months will be this

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No no no ner1 no no there’s no limit

I mean sometimes a duck likes to treat himself

+ got a nice back of satsumas from Tesco the other day
+ managed to peel it in one go

(Also had a cheese and coleslaw sandwich)


people asking what you’re having for lunch in the office:

  • Annoying
  • Fine

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what was the name of those twins who used to present nickelodeon? for reason one of them peeling an orange in one go is burned into my brain.

The canteen’s free, mate. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before.

think we should do an ‘annoying or fine’ poll thread tbh

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realize the irony in this given I’ve revealed what I’m having for lunch openly and without solicitation on the internet.