Is there a piece of software that will look at my digital music collection and



export that data in some sort of spreadsheet format, for free?

It sounds like the sort of thing that would exist.

Added bonus if it like populates what year the release came out and all that jazz.


Not sure about there being a piece of software that will automatically scan and do it.

However, depending on your music player you may be able to export a list of your music files? Which one do you use?


I use VLC because it plays all the files and doesn’t give me any grief.

I have all my albums and that arranged in folders eg. Artist folder, album title folders within that, then files.

There might be a way to create a spreadsheet of folders come to think of it.


I don’t know if you use, but if you do, you can use this site ( to turn your data into an Excel friendly format. Sadly it only takes Artist, Song Title, and Date/Time of when the song was played, so you have to fill in the rest by hand, which can be quite tedious.

If you don’t have set up, you can see if the instructions here work. I don’t know if VLC stores playcounts, so you might have to build up a play history before you can get any meaningful info out of it. There may be similar services other than, but that’s what I personally use


Check out if iTunes will do it.

Assume you already went through all these?