Is there a Rolling Hip-Hop thread for 2018 yet?

If so, then mods are welcome to nuke this one. Always been a fan of these threads: what’s everyone been listening to? (either from the year so far or mopping up the end of 2017)

Cupcakke has rightly been getting a lot of thumbs up in the new releases thread for her latest effort Ephorize. Full of great hooks, memorable rhymes and frankly filthy lyrical content this would have easily made my top 5 rap albums last year.


I’ve also been enjoying Punken by Maxo Kream, but haven’t seen much talk about it other than a review on Pitchfork. Not a game changer by any means, but I like a lot of what’s going on in here, plus there’s a great Tame Impala sample somewhere in there, which satisfies my inner rock-bore

What does AOB mean? Does it apply here? I genuinely have no idea

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Best first line of a song ever


I was going to link to the video for Duck Duck Goose (having never seen it before) but the screen grab that comes up when you google it is a lady licking two dildos. Would have felt bad if my thread got anybody fired :slightly_frowning_face:

No doubt my friend. Makes “It was all a dream” look fairly dull in comparison

2018 thread here, not had much action yet though

feel like 1st 24th of 2018 has been pretty thin

Fuck’s sake, I even used the search toolbar and everything! @moderators can you merge this with the other one or wipe it from the face of the Earth please?

haha yeah. still got a backlog from last year tbf, need to listen to the new gucci and boosie albums amongst others