Is there a single Switch game where I can use a controller like a sword

Like I’m holding the one controller and slashing at things while I use the other to move or something. Even better if the left is a shield.

It doesn’t seem like there is.

Are Nintendo a bit shit at understanding what they’ve got?

I just want to buckle my swash, FFS

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I think this is what Zelda skyward sword was about on wii and everybody hated it but they’re bringing it to switch this year so you might be in luck



Should be a muthafuckin Star Wars lightsabre game.

Problem with motion control games is they are often not that reliable so get frustrating and also once the novelty wears off people would rather sit their arse down and press a button. I remember wii bowling would eventually devolve into everyone sitting down and just flicking their wrist to bowl the ball to get a strike every time.

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You might be the first person in history to want a Red Steel remaster

I don’t know what it is but sure!

I think they’re reluctant to go the whole motion control route with the Switch because they still have to consider all the use cases like the Switch Lite where you don’t have that functionality.

But as Bam said, the Skyward Sword remaster might be what you’re looking for.

Yeah I had forgotten about the Lite. That is frustrating but at the same time you can’t play Just Dance on the Lite so you know…

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Yeah, it’s quite an inconsistent approach.

Only on VR

So there’s a system, that’s cool

The Oculus Quest 2 innit

If you want to be a jedi thats your machine

I mean obviously that game predates the Lite so you’re tight, I’m sure they have a single strategy now.

Nah mate not up for that lot