Is there a Sunday thread?


I can’t see one. This is it.

Played that contest yesterday - won it.

Played that concert last night - nailed it. Great day. The venue was stunning.

What’s everyone up to today? I’m seeing my boy.


Congrats on winning Saturday to Chelsea football club, Prince Harry & @Mistersteve


There should probably be a Cathedrals thread eh.


Happy :sun_with_face:day all!

Going out for early birthday dins tonight with the folks. Mam is the fussiest eater so we’ll inevitably go somewhere dead boring. Beers tho :+1:


Dunno what we’re doing today. Nice day out, so I’m sat in watching some Aussie rules.



Need to walk the dog, drive into Cambridge and back, do half a day’s work, finish putting a wardrobe together, and tidy the house.



I had a lay in…til 8:30am! Unheard of.

Had avo toast and tea and now I’m just laying out on the sofa.

Today I have to:
Start packing for hols
Get nails done :nail_care:t2:
Go for a run
Do some shopping


Nothing kicks off the day better than INTENSE AND PROLONGED RUMINATIONS ON THE SUBJECT OF RECENT REGRETS immediately after waking up

Breakfast was nice though


Great work man, that looks amazing! Not much on today, gonna take the kids to the park then need to clean the house.



Still in bed. Waiting for our visitors to message me, wouldn’t be surprised if they just didn’t tbh, after last night’s behaviour.

Don’t feel that great, gonna put it down to hay fever I think. TV didn’t come to bed until gone 5am so I’ve got a lonely few hours until he’s up and about.


Morning and congratulations on your winning Saturday @Mistersteve Morning all. Was awake late due to noisy dickheads outside (see my rant in the Saturday thread) and awake early for no reason at all. Going to do the big shop today then probably have breakfast for dinner. Might clean the bathroom. Might.


Congratulations on the contest win @Mistersteve!

I got very drunk after my DJ set last night. Must check how much money we raised actually. Will go and buy the papers now and then do laundry.


Woke at 630 for god knows what reason. But now I’m here so it’s all good.


Never had avocado in my life but this looks good.


Going to my second children’s birthday party in two days later. I’ve no idea how parents/party clowns do this.

Then flying home.


Think your DiS membership needs to be revoked


I also don’t own a bike, and shave regularly. Where’s the door?


Saw these top lads yesterday in Leicester Square.




One of them has liked this photo on Instagram.

I’m definitely now starring in a horror movie, aren’t I?