Is there a Sunday Thread?

Please merge this if I missed it.

Can’t believe it’s half nine and no thread.

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At work until 6.30. feeling really sad today, probably related to the fact I’m working until 6.30


This one seems pretty good, today seems nice doesn’t it? Sunny and all that.

Still in bed

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Lovely weather, off to play tennis.
Woke up last night from a dream where I was in a fish and chip shop waiting for my order. Large cod, large chips and battered sausage. Never been so disappointed when waking up.



It’s my youngest daughter’s traditional, end of season, kids versus parents football match later. I will, inevitably, be shamed by a bunch of 10 year olds.

It’s followed by the also traditional end of season inflatable pool party, and a picnic in the park.

Nice day for it.


Car ducks


That might mean a slow but steady increase in happiness throughout the day as you inch nearer to 6:30.


About to pop to Mozzies to get a bit of shopping.

Need to swing by Screwfix on the way back for a new light switch because, with less than a week to go before we move out, the bathroom light switch has fallen off.

This afternoon is going to be spent packing most of the kitchen into boxes.

Last train from Manchester to leeds last night was 21.30 what the fucks all that about.
Mates birthday yesterday and all his bear mates were there and everyone was bigger and beardier than me and I didn’t like that.
Need to go shopping.

Good morning :sunny:

Beautiful day out there. Annoyingly got no plans. Gonna have a shower in a bit and then I think take myself into town for a coffee. Need to do a food shop as well. That’s about it really, how thrilling

Already managed to cover myself in ketchup


Very sunny here in the South Hams also. Need to clean the kitchen and make a big list of jobs that need doing before we move. Might try and go for a walk or something later you never know. BFD/brinner later, that’s something to look forward to.

Got a lovely although slightly panic-inducing day of starting to sort the nursery and other bits as it has dawned on me that in a couple of months shit’s getting real! List-tastic :white_check_mark: Will make a nice dinner too, not sure yet if creamy cauliflower tagliatelle or sag tofu :thinking:


Morning everyone, was going to start a morning thread at 9am but got the fear I just couldn’t find it.

Had such a nice time in London, thanks gang :blush: on the train now and looking forward to going back to cold Edinburgh. It better be jacket weather.


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Our street is having a flea market today so I’m sat outside drinking coffee and selling a few things probably nobody wants (DVD box sets anyone?). Bought a big bear for my kid so it’s all worth it.

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