Is there a thread about the # Attack of the Drones?

RIP my customer service brothers.

The next person I speak to that mentions it I’m gonna say “I wish everyone would stop DRONING on about it!” Hahahhaa #doubledownonthebants


Drone, not drones


I’m really struggling to work out how they haven’t disabled them yet. I mean how long do the batteries last?

At least one airport in the country already has a system tracking drones within a couple of miles of the approach. Quite surprised that Gatwick seemingly doesn’t, as the one I know of is an order of magnitude smaller (albeit the area around Gatwick is probably less suited to the system).

As an aside, the number of drones said system picks up is surprisingly high.

Even more surprising that 24 hours after this started Gatwick still doesn’t have one.

That’s why I don’t see the connection. They are two independents events, and they just happen to take place at airports.

We don’t know if parliament wants this. It’s my understanding that the clauses prohibiting flying small unmanned aircraft (i.e. drones) near airports were added because of concerns of people accidentally flying their drone too close to planes.

But I can say for sure that in 1990 no was thinking about drones costing only a couple hundred quid endangering commercial flights.

No. Until we know if and how the culprit(s) of the Gatwick disruption are being charged, there is no need for new legislation.

's not a matter of days to install unfortunately.

There are ways that are. They haven’t brought the army in to hand out chocolates.

My hunch is that one of the takeaways from this is going to be the ineptitude of the Gatwick management. It really looks like they’ve been caught cutting costs unwisely and reacting slowly when caught with their pants down. This would not surprise me much in an airport operator.

taunting the snipers now. incredible stuff


This is one of the things that baffles me about whoever is doing this. At first, yesterday, thought it could just be some idiot enthusiast who wanted some airport pictures, and would have panicked when they realised they’d caused an incident, thanked their lucky stars to have not been caught, and gone home.

But whoever it is is still flying them now, absolutely aware of the chaos it’s causing, and that if they now get caught, they’re going to get the longest sentence that its possible to give them. Yet there’s nothing for them to get out of it apart from presumably the kicks of causing the chaos.



yeah i’m pretty fascinated by it at this point. maybe its the Threatin guy


pfft, london


Clearly the heathrow c.e.o

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If Esperanza gets on that plane and makes it to a country that has no extradition treaties, we’re fucked.


I suppose once you’ve shut one of the busiest airports in Europe down for an hour, you’re already getting the book thrown at you. Might as well just go for the high score at that point.

Fair play to them.


It’s Logan Paul.


If those convictions aren’t quashed on appeal then we’ve all got plenty to worry about. Given that the Stansted protestors could have reasonably faced a lesser charge you have to wonder if whoever’s running those drones might find themselves in the same boat.