Is there a thread about the fires in Australia?

It’s horrific, people are estimating roughly half a billion animals dead.
Although it strikes me as borderline miraculous that the human death toll is at ‘just’ 8.

And apparently it isn’t even peak hot season over there yet.

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It is pretty insane at the moment - and today and tomorrow are set to be the worst

Real possibility of some of the major fire fronts joining which will be catastrophic

The scale of scorched land is incredible. So much property wiped out. Lives lost is small at the moment, but still so tragic - lots of missing folk still

Incredible to think that some people actually have to rescued and evacuated by the Navy!

Our PM and Govt are being shown up for the awful humans they are!


And yet just like here, come election everyone will vote the scum back in, no doubt.


All staggering to me. As I understand, the vegetation of Aus is partly evolved around fires coming through, but I have no idea how it can really recover with so many animals wiped out too :cry:

yep just like the UK - need a competent coherent opposition

im hopeful change will come - but I was hopeful last election as well (have to wait through two more years of this shit!)

Hmm, not really on the ‘competent opposition’ bus for the UK as it basically means trying to gain centrist floating voters by being neoliberal and betraying leftist values.

Not sure about Labor over there though as I don’t really read any news stuff so maybe their problem is not being left enough.

Not really what I meant - but don’t really want to get into that debate here

Ah it’s cool no wucks.

Genuinely don’t know the Aus sitch and am very dubious of ‘no good oppositoon’ rhetoric here because of the people I know personally saying it.

My brother in law who is a forest fire fighter in Canada and who is on break (season runs march to September) is being prepped for deployment. His role is predicting fire paths and doing preburning.


ah jesus lads. Just saw a photo of a baby kangaroo incinerated against a fence. Not sharing it even though there’s an argument for doing so but fuck.

I think a naive part of me was hoping the smoke inhalation gets the animals first but bushfires probably don’t quite work that way

Apparently that number was an estimate for the number of animals affected, not killed. Many of them will have been able to escape.

Still terribly grim reading about all this. As mentioned above, vegetation in dry, hot areas has evolved to recover from fire, but I’ve also read that some of the forests burning are old growth that would normally be too damp to burn, and that won’t recover.

I’ve donated to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, they are on the front line and had their funding cut, of course:

Also donated to this fundraiser for First Nation peoples as they’re likely to be disproportionately affected and even further displaced:


It really is ordinary here at the moment, even inside an office!
(of course much worse for the people closer to the action)

if this tragedy/catastrophe achieves anything - at least it is shining a global light on the ineptitude of the climate policy of Australia. Especially seeing that our smoke is now blanketing NZ!

Surprisingly even some of the usual dickbag Murdoch journos are laying into the govt. I remain hopeful that our PM will be dragged, even if it is kicking and screaming, to realise this can’t go on.

The current bushfire season is predicted to go for another couple of months with no substantial rain forecast til about April. Then it’s only another couple of months after that til ‘bushfire season’ potentially all kicks off again!

way to go Rusty

ha the walk-off music seems so crass

look it’s hard to really list all the gaffes and pratfalls of our ding dong of a PM - but this one just yesterday has to be his best - what an absolute rotter!